Saturday, December 22, 2018

Making a Surprise

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Favorite Celebrity (FC) gets invited to out of town shows every so often, as his talent is impeccable and he knows how to play the audience. His choice of songs comprises the hits of several generations. Besides, when he sings, he amazes every one with his vocal range. Hence, promoters know they will be getting their money’s worth.

When FC agreed on the terms of his gig, The Promoter (TP) was happy, as FC was sure to please the audience of the town. As travel time would take several hours, TP adhered to the request of FC to hire a big van for transportation. TP initially wondered why FC would want a big vehicle considering he only had two production assistants. Nonetheless, TP gave in to the request to make sure FC arrives safely and happy.

When FC was picked up, TP’s team was shocked at the entourage of FC. Other than his production assistants, TP had a group of young males with him. The entourage was like an all-male basketball team off to their game. The seating was also a source of puzzlement. Usually, the lead person would sit in front or next to the driver. Not in the case of FC. FC opted to sit at the back part of the van, where the cuter boys sat.

Before leaving, FC was asked what type of songs he will be singing, as he seems to have brought backup dancers or singers with him. FC said that the boys were his friends who wanted to see the province where he will be performing.

When FC arrived at the location, he was welcomed and his boys fulfilled their objective of seeing the best places in the area without incurring transportation expenses. So much for taking advantage. TP had to let go of what happened, as he only wanted to make sure FC would perform well for the local people.    

‘Goodness is something people take advantage of, and if you want to remain a good person for long, you should make sure that too many people don't take advantage of you because then you turn bitter.’ – Varun Dhawan

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  1. Sinetch? si J ba?

    1. He knows how to play the audience daw eh. J can sing but is he known to play the audience???

  2. I think thismis D. Sobrang lakas talaga ng kutob ko. Hahaha

  3. S ng kaF. Matagal nang may issue about his preference



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