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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Cannot Have Everything

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What began as a love worth fighting for turned out to be a heavy disappointment for Network Personality (NP). Several years ago, NP started a relationship with her Love Interest (LI). As NP was connected with a showbiz family and was reviving her career, she had financial backing and capable of supporting anyone she wants.

As LI was a nobody compared to the wealth of NP, her friends and family warned her that he could just be after her money. In response, NP denied such intentions on behalf of LI. LI was even spending for her, as he had a business. LI would treat NP sincerely and she felt he was not really after her money. Besides, he would give her money to help with the household expenses. Everything was blissful then.

However, as buying and selling is not a consistent source of income, the business of LI suffered losses. LI gave up and from that moment and no longer bothered to look for his source of living. Such situation was not a problem for NP. She has much money and even took care of the expenses of LI and his family. NP was content, as LI was there to keep her through the cold nights.

After sometime, LI asked NP if he could have a substantial seven-figure amount, as he wanted to start a business that was related to vehicles. NP agreed and the money was given right away. As days passed, NP noticed that LI would come home late in the evening. When NP would ask why he was late, he said that he was fixing his shop. NP accepted the answer.

One night, NP’s Family Relation (FR) had a show in a hotel. FR was shocked to see LI in the casino, as FR knew LI did not have work. Immediately, FR informed NP. As soon as LI got home, he knew he was in the red because he knew that FR saw him. When NP asked about his shop, LI said that he was just forced to play in the casino. To which, NP did not say anything. However, neither of them wanted a scandal and NP did not want her family to hear, she asked him to leave.

The years of bliss with LI ended and these days, no one is keeping NP warm and cozy in the privacy of her bedroom.  

‘It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn't matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.’ ― Paulo Coelho

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  1. NP - C
    LI - A
    FR - A

    1. If for anything, C really makes tough but wise decisions.

    2. anong network baks

  2. C and T , both KaH

  3. Np- C, LI-A, FR-A?

  4. Replies
    1. hindi ko gets.. more clues please!

  5. K and x
    Or maybe b and z

  6. NP-K
    LI-Non showbiz

    uwi na ako

  7. NP: C
    LI: A
    FR: A

    Kaya mo yan C starting over again. The best is yet to come.

  8. at least di nagpaka tanga to the max si NP and she asked him to leave, yung iba magpapaka martir.

  9. ang bait pala ni C dun kay A and knowing she can attract better guys sana before she married lowlife A. kapal ng fez jusmeee.. good for you C to decide to ask him to leave. madami naman jan. be careful next time.

  10. Di to sila C coz di din naman sila ganun ka super capable, and she isn’t on career revival when their marriage started. Eto wala pang kid.

    1. I agree with you @143 that's not C it's K. Mas Kaya ni K magbigay ng 7 figures. OK naman si C pero I don't think she will do that kahit pa na ma afford nya. Mukhang mas wise si C and mas mabilis makatunog pag niloloko na sya.

    2. @ Dec. 18 3:28pm Diba? Kaya nga that’s definitely not C. Di yan magpapauto ng ganun ganun lang. Saka yun nga wala silang kiddo.

  11. C that’s why balik showbiz needs to earn for the dough. Naubos ni A sa sugal.



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