Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ignored and Tarnished

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One of the ways to groove into the system of the entertainment industry is to have a senior personality to give support and access to opportunities. A strong backer ensures success for an unknown who wants to make a career in showbiz. Such was true for Talented Personality (TP), who practically matured in the industry.

When TP was discovered, his presence in local shows provided a refreshing sight on television. At a young age, TP was already funny and knew how to entertain viewers. Thus, TP had followers quite early in his life. Meanwhile, TP needed a guide and that was where His Mentor (HM) came in.

Being a veteran, HM knew how to motivate TP as well as gain support for the budding talent. Moreover, as TP grew up, HM realized TP had potential to excel in other fields. Years later, TP was able to reinvent his career path and HM was proud of how TP managed to rise above issues. HM even considers TP as one of his kids, and thus, he was happy to be part of TP’s success.

Time makes people realize their capabilities and happiness. TP searched for the area where he could best express himself and that meant questioning certain values and institutions that HM holds dearly. While TP was beginning to appreciate who he was, HM could not believe the changes TP had undergone.

Subsequently, new and old would clash. Beliefs and values change, but for some people, certain ideals are non-negotiable. Being media icons, TP and HM clashed, as TP raised questions that piqued HM. It seems that the child no longer wanted to be under the winds of the father. A gap was thus created. The distance widened when TP stressed his point, which irked HM. What TP was fighting for was not possible in the schema of HM. Unfortunately, this agreement became personal and TP emotionally attacked HM. After sometime, TP apologized to HM for the outburst, but not for contradicting HM.

As the rift deepened, Young Mentor (YM), who was close to TP and HM tried to reconcile TP and HM. Feeling that they are family, YM did his best for the two to kiss and make up. Despite the apology, not much changed. YM failed. TP and HM are no longer talking to each other.

‘Often the right path is the one that may be hardest for you to follow. But the hard path is also the one that will make you grow as a human being.’ ― Karen Mueller Coombs

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  1. TP- A HM-T YM-V. first honor!!

  2. TP - A
    HM - T

    Malalim talaga ang pinagsamahan ng dalawang to. I don’t know who YM is.

  3. TP is J, HM is J, YM is ??

  4. TP - A dati, I na ngayon
    HM - V

    1. Thank you classmate! Na gets ko din. Si YM nalang.

    2. Thank You for this. Nakuha ko na finally. KaH

  5. More clues pls. KaF or KaH?

  6. HM - T
    YM - V
    TP - A / I

  7. TP-M

    Pwebe hahahaha

  8. easy peasy TP=A childstar na naging singer HM= T TP= O. may pinaghuhugutan pala ang sagutan nila hahaha now I know.

  9. TP is A talented child actress before who became a singer , HM is T well respected and YM is V but younger than HM



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