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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Imitating Personality

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Whenever children of celebrities are asked whose footsteps they would like to follow, the usual answer is that they would choose the path set by their idols or even famous relations. Thus, when relatives of artists enter the industry, excitement is generated, as audiences are keen to see if the same blood runs in those children’s veins.

Comparison will always be inevitable. If a celebrity is known for dramatic acting, much is expected that the relation would attempt to enter the same genre. Often, the newbie relation suffers, as standards set by the famous relatives can be difficult to achieve. The pressure to reach the same status as the famous relation is real and can be disheartening if unmet. As a learning, related newbies are usually set a path on a different direction as that of their celebrity relatives.

For example, when Young Lad (YL) was introduced to the industry as related to Handsome Actor (HA), the comparisons were unstoppable. First, YL had to measure up to the looks of HA, which was obviously a no-contest. Nonetheless, YL looks good and is attractive in his own way. Second, YL has to prove himself in terms of what he could offer. In the talent arena, YL measured up and has potential to beat HA. Third, like HA, YL has witty responses and commendable posts in his social media accounts. Hence, fans gravitated to YL based on his merits and not just because he is connected to HA.

However, one incident made kibitzers smile, as they thought YL might be emulating HA too much. Allegedly, YL was caught with a videocall, which surprised many, as he is also known as a ladies’ man. Apparently, it was not a lady he was talking, too. Thus, the kibitzers linked this moment to rumors hounding HA, and that YL seemed to be in the footsteps of HA too closely.

‘When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.’ ― Eric Hoffer

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  1. YL - I
    HA - P

    Makakatulog na ako! Hahaha

  2. I and P.

    Friend niya ang ka-video call? Hahaha!

  3. I & P


  4. I. Baka naman extended family lang nya like cousins ang kausap nya or kuya kuyahan ganern?🤔

  5. Baka naman tropa lang. Hahahhaha😂

  6. Yes; same din naisip ko YL - I HA - P talaga

  7. Matagal ko na nga nasasagap ang chismax n yan.

  8. I, Push galore pa naman sa kanya ang network nya kahit kinulang sya sa kapogian. Anyway, hilig talaga ni I manghawak ng private area nang pabiro.

  9. Easy peasy. I and P

  10. Hahahaha pwede din

  11. YL - I
    HA - P

    Both KAF. Pero baka friend lang yung ka vc ni I. People are so judgmental now a days. Tsk.




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