Saturday, March 3, 2018

Are Abra and Janeena Together??

Judging by their social media activities, it’s obvious that Janeena Chan and Abra are busy with their respective fields. The model/host attended photoshoots, events and gigs, while the rapper is promoting his new song and music video. However, in between their separate activities, they both posted on their Instagram stories that they are together - hinting at some sort of a collaboration.

Images from Instagram: @abraofficial @janeenachan

Fans had many speculations, but Moringa-O2, an herbal hair and skin care brand, released a teaser few days ago, announcing that they are having new family members (a.k.a endorsers) soon. Moringa-O2 also released a series of clues that strengthened these speculations.

Fortunately, this afternoon, Moringa-O2 officially announced that Abra and Janeena are indeed working together to promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Image from Moringa-O2 FB (

What do you think of this collaboration? Did you ever expect that they can be together as endorsers? Visit Moringa-O2’s Facebook page ( for more information about their products and growing family!



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