Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Birthday to Supermom Cheska!

Image courtesy of Instagram: chekakramer

The Kramer Family has dominated our hearts in social media for quite some time already. They are known to be the ‘first family of Philippine social media’. We are so attracted to their happy and family-centered lifestyle, which most Filipino families would love to emulate. One of the most memorable things that make the Kramer Family so famous can be found at the center of their beautiful family: Cheska Garcia-Kramer - the beautiful, fabulous and caring mother.

A lot of people say that being a mother is the hardest kind of work out there as it's a 24 hour job. Without a doubt, out of all the other celebrity moms out there, she is one of the crowd favorites. Why? Because of these three lovely points about her:

First is because of her inspiring family principles.
“I am a mother first, my happiness is with my children and my family. My career is just second to it. I am a wife and mother first, before anything else,” said Cheska in an interview during a Moringa-O2 "Meet and Greet" event. 

Cheska often shares about how she and her husband, Doug, agree on many parenting methods they should apply to their kids, and that all professional engagements are always second to the welfare of her family. Family does indeed come first when it comes to Cheska’s priorities in life.

Second is because she is authentic and 100% relatable.

“To those who think that Doug and I don’t fight...We do, just like any couple,” Cheska revealed.

This is just one grain of an example amongst hundreds of other pictures, videos, tweets, and captions where Cheska shows her true self, regardless of her celebrity status, that she is but human too, with real emotions and concerns. 

Third is because of her beauty and stature.

It's Cheska’s birthday today. She's already 37, and let’s face it, she’s so radiantly beautiful you’d think she's only in her 20’s. She’s one of the most young-looking moms out there! Not only that, she composes herself in such a way that moms and daughters everywhere look up to her. Who wouldn’t want to be like her?

So to Cheska Kramer, our role model, we wish you a happy birthday! More incredible blessings to come for you and your family! We love you so much! <3!


  1. She never gets old

  2. my favorite celebrity mom! So classy, in the most natural way.

  3. Grabe she's turning back into her younger figure as she gets old! Mom goals!

  4. Happy Birthday Ms Cheska! :)

  5. Role model icon indeed! the kramer family. Cheska love you x - im a fan

  6. Happy Birthday to the beautiful woman, Cheska Garcia. I love this beautiful, hot, sexy mommy. My favorite celebrity mom.

  7. Shes such an eye candy! :)



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