Friday, July 21, 2017

BEN10 is Back! Then vs. Now

When a 10 year old boy comes across a strange extraterrestrial device than transforms him into one of 10 aliens, the natural response would be to play with it right? That’s what Ben Tennyson thinks. Ever since Ben10 created by Man of Action Entertainment and first aired at Cartoon Network in 2005, audiences have watched Ben grows from a child to an adult, masters his powers and learns valuable life lessons.

With the franchise manning 4 sequels series and 4 movies in various media, people can’t get enough with the young superhero. But do you know there’s now a re-boot of Ben10? You may be wondering if this is the same with the original.
If you watched the original series, then you remember the episode 1 when Ben first finds the Omnitrix and he experiments his new powers. This episode shows his life from school as well his relationship with Uncle Max and Gwen.  The reboot takes a quite different approach rather than showing how Ben finds the Omnitrix in the first place, the new version just jumps into it. The general concept is almost the same however there are the differences on the art style. 

The Ben10 cast of characters has changes on the design and looks younger to adapt to younger generation.

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