Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Timeless Masterpieces from Time Master

This May, a new brand of exquisite timepieces emerges from the depths of the deep blue. Drawing inspiration and strength from the mythical god of the waters, these deep-sea treasures are packed with powerful features that are truly made to impress. Superior craftsmanship. Stylish elegance. Durability and versatility for every type of watch wearer. Introducing, the limited edition Time Master Poseidon Collection.

Time Master is the brainchild of youth ambassador and budding entrepreneur Brian Poe-Llamanzares. A man of many passions, Brian thrives in almost anything he sets his mind to, dabbling in entertainment, sports, TV reporting and politics for most of his young life. He is a certified public servant thanks to his experience campaigning for his mom, the indefatigable Senator Grace Poe. A lover of learning, Brian continues to broaden his perspective with more studies in prestigious universities no less, successfully completing Stanford’s Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Professional Certification Program and Wharton’s Global Strategic Leadership Program, and most recently, getting accepted to Columbia University’s Climate and Society Graduate School Program. It is no wonder that Lifestyle Asia Magazine featured him as one of the thirty “Game Changers” among today’s ‘It’ generation. At only 25, Brian Poe Llamanzares is certainly blazing his own trail of achievements, and launching his Time Master brand is clearly nothing short of perfect timing. 

Llamanzares may be a rookie in the cut throat world of business, but he comes armed with great perspective, motivation, and a bit of nostalgia thrown in. “I love watches! I grew up with a dad who loves watches. I was given watches to mark special occasions in my life like my graduation from college. There’s a certain sense of pride that comes with receiving a watch. Whenever you see it, you remember the milestone that it marks. That’s why for me, creating a watch and being a part of people’s lives in that way is a dream come true,” he says.

A stickler for time, Brian turns his dream into a business that promotes punctuality and precision. He believes that being on time is something that should not be taken for granted and so readily blamed on the sorry state of Manila traffic. He explains, “In a city where it takes you one hour to go down the road during rush hour, being on time becomes a premium. People now expect guests, interviewees, their bosses to show up late. But when people show up on time or early, it’s a friendly reminder that it is possible to go above and beyond the expectations people set for you. That’s why for me, precision is everything when it comes to watch-making. I can proudly say the watch movement has Japanese precision, but the design is proudly Filipino.”

Each Time Master watch is indeed a timeless masterpiece. While elegant timepieces are a luxury for many, the brand’s range of high-quality products are remarkably affordable. For Brian, spending on quality doesn’t automatically mean spending a fortune, which is why all the watches in the Poseidon line are created with the highest standards, the finest raw materials and the most eye-catching designs. Time Master believes that every person is special and it takes a special brand of watch to reflect this uniqueness.

Putting another premium on creating relationships and building trust, the brand endeavors to be a dependable and enduring partner to its consumers through the years. As a way of giving back to society, Time Master partners with MovEd, a charity that sends less fortunate kids to school and helps jumpstart their future. With every Time Master purchase, buyers are not just models of success, but sharers of success to the needy as well. A venture with a heart, Brian is clearly on the right path, and he’s got all the time in the world to make good business happen. 

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