Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sanosan Baby Line

Complete Care and Protection for Baby’s Skin

There’s nothing greater than a brand that captures every scope a mother needs to give only the best skin care for their kids and babies which Sanosan has guaranteed to provide. Sanosan is a recognized international baby care brand made in Germany and is manufactured by Mann & Schroder Company. Combining quality, competitive pricing and the best natural ingredients for gentle baby care, Sanosan continues to grow its business and is now available in more than 60 countries.

Providing the correct care for sensitive baby skin is just as important as the need for gentle cleansing. With Sanosan, you are giving your baby the care his or her skin needs to develop healthily.

Sanosan Baby Line includes the best skin care products that are made of natural ingredients, mainly Olive oil and milk protein, perfect for mild cleansing and protection of baby’s skin to prevent irritation and nappy rash.


Sanosan Baby Care Lotion (200ml & 500ml)

Composed of high-quality, natural and nutritive ingredients, such as Olive oil and lacto protein, prevent the baby’s skin from drying out and promote the healing of minor irritations. Genuine Chamomile and moisturizing Shea butter support the skin’s own protective function and maintain its moisture balance.

Sanosan Baby Care Ointment (150ml)

Formulated to protect baby’s skin and prevent irritation and nappy rash. The zinc oxide (20%) creates a breathable protective barrier and the Allantoin helps regenerate baby’s skin. The combination of natural ingredients, including Olive oil and lacto protein, calms irritated skin and protects the diaper area against redness and soreness. 

Sanosan Baby Care Powder (100g & 200g)

Selected active ingredients that were specifically formulated for delicate baby skin, such as Olive extract and Allantoin, effectively protect sensitive areas against irritation and friction soreness. Thanks to its absorbing effect, this powder refreshes and protects baby’s skin, leaving it dry and velvety soft. Its enriched formula allows skin to breathe naturally without clogging skin pores.

Sanosan Baby Care Oil (200ml)

Carefully selected conditioning oils - Olive and Almond oil have a beneficial effect on dry and damage baby skin. It restores baby’s soft and smooth skin. It is ideal for the mild cleansing of the delicate diaper area because of its calming properties. Thanks to its rich formula, it makes the skin smooth, velvety and unsticky.

Sanosan is exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Co. and is available at Baby Company and other leading department stores nationwide. Available also in selected Mercury drugstores. To learn more about our products, follow Sanosan Philippines @sanosanph on Facebook and Instagram and visit

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