Monday, April 10, 2017

Turn Any Space Into a Happy Place!

Put a smile on your face with Happy Places, a new collectible from Moose! Start creating and decorating your own miniature house with cute Petkins furnitures and with the help of your favorite Shoppies, in their smallest and cutest version this time! There are plenty of Happy Places sets you can choose from. Collect and start building the cutest and most adorable house in the world of Happyville!

Happy Places has several sets, from Bathing Bunny, a miniature Petkins bathroom with the adorable Petkins bathroom pieces like the bunny tub, mini towel, soap dish, hairspray and of course, there’s mini Bubbleisha ready to tour you around. Create your dream miniature bedroom with Jessicake, the Dreamy Bear set packed with adorable mini bed pieces like mini slippers, Petkin pillows, bed room mirror and a lot more. Food lovers can’t definitely miss out the Kitty Kitchen set which includes mini cookie pan, oven mitt, mini Petkin cookies and many more, let Coco Cookie give you a hand and you’re set for some baking session! Start building you Happyville with Happy Home for only P1799.75.

Happy Places comes with a Home Collection Checklist that includes the Petkins furniture’s names and guide on how to decorate them. There are definitely so many Happy Places sets, mini Shoppies and even limited edition Petkins Furniture to collect! Decorating has never been this fun and cute with Happy Places! 

Happy Places is exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributors Company and is available at all leading toy stores nationwide. Learn more about their products by visiting their official Facebook Page, Richwell Club and website at

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