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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sanosan Kids Line

For over 30 years now, Sanosan has practiced business expertise and has established itself as a recognized international baby care brand. Sanosan is made in Germany, manufactured by Mann & Schroder Company. Combining quality, competitive pricing and the best natural ingredients for gentle baby care, Sanosan continues to grow its business and is now available in more than 60 countries.

Sanosan introduces several product lines targeted to different skin care needs: 

Baby Line - products for gentle cleansing and skin care for baby’s skin.
Kids Line – it has moisturizing formulation perfect for mild and gentle skin and hair care for children
Mama Line – with selected natural active ingredients and skin-tightening properties to pamper mothers, as they do deserve.

Sanosan definitely captures every scope a mother needs to give only the best skin care for their kids and babies. With different product lines tailor-fit for specific needs, Moms and kids don’t have to share the same shampoo and skin products anymore as some ingredients might not be suitable for kids. 

Sanosan Kids Line is definitely the way to go especially this summer season especially for children ages 2-7 years old, who mostly enjoy a frequent dip at the pool and more shower time because of humid weather. It contains Olive oil extract, Allantoin and is free from parabens, paraffin oil and silicones. Clinically tested by the experts, Sanosan is certainly a must have product for parents and kids.


Sanosan Kids Shower & Shampoo 200ml (Raspberry & Banana)

The extra mild formula cleanses and provides special care for delicate children’s skin. It ensures that fine children’s hair has no tangles, is easy to comb and gives a silky sheen. 

Sanosan Natural Kids Shower & Shampoo 250ml

With mild cleansing substances that work gently to clean children’s sensitive skin. The moisturizing formulation includes Allantoin and Olive extracts that prevent skin from drying out. 

Available in 2in1 and 3in1 sets.  The 2in1 Shower & Shampoo (Blue) has the Sporty Ocean scent for boys while the 3in1 Shower, Shampoo & Conditioner (Pink) has Cherry Blossom scent for girls.  Lastly, the 2in1 Shower & Shampoo (Green) which is for boys & girls, perfect for sensitive skin and has no perfume making it ideal for skin prone to allergies. 

Sanosan Natural Kids Wash Foam 250ml 

This wash foam is so mild and gentle on the skin that it can be used on the entire body and face. It contains lipid replenishing cleansing substances that gently clean children’s sensitive skin. The moisturizing formulation also includes Allantoin and Olive oil extracts that prevent skin from drying out.

Sanosan Natural Kids Easy Comb Spray 125ml

Helps wet and dry hair to be easily combed. It includes Olive extract and pro vitamin B5 that leaves the hair feeling silky smooth with a healthy shine.

Sanosan is exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Co. and is available in Baby Company and other leading department stores nationwide. Available also in selected Mercury drugstores. To learn more about our products, follow Sanosan Philippines @sanosanph on Facebook and Instagram and visit

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