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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Grab the Hottest Mini Collection Series by Hot Wheels

Open up the world of Hot Wheels, the number 1 vehicle toy brand in the world, to demonstrate endless play possibilities. Challenge boys to experiment and compete how they want, where they want, “the Hot Wheels way”. This year, Hot Wheels’ new campaign called “Make It Epic” demonstrates what boys can do with Hot Wheels through customization and competition, through imagination and hacks, through cool cars and a daring attitude. A campaign that is more than just a tagline, but a CHALLENGE as well. In line with this campaign, Hot Wheels showcase several Mini Collection Series that makes the car collection experience even more exciting!


HW X-Raycers – Cars with clear bodies and wheels that are also super-fast on track.
HW Screen Time – Cars inspired by your favorite movies, TV shows, video games and more.
HW Ride Ons – Designed to attach figures. 
HW Flames – Cars with cool flame features.
HW Speed Graphics – Real race performers that speed fast on track.
HW Hot Trucks – 4x4s and trucks, ready to work or race.
HW Snow Stormers – Cars chilled out and ready to take on the powder!
BMW – The ultimate driving machine licensed by BMW. 
HW Green Speed – Solar-powered and electric cars that prove you don’t need gas to speed past the competition.
Then and Now – Classic cars from the past and the present. 

Hot Wheels is exclusively distributed by Richprime Global Inc. and is available at all leading toy stores nationwide. Get to know more about our products by visiting our official Facebook and Instagram (@MakeItEpicPH) and website at


  1. Vroooom vrooommmm 🚗🚗🚗

  2. I collect Bat Mobiles from Hotwheels c")



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