Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hatchimals: The Hottest Toy to Have This 2017!

Interactive play has never been this fun, exciting and sensible with Hatchimals! Give your child the best and memorable childhood as they experience another level of play that doesn’t only showcase a great amount of entertainment but also teaches values that kids and parents would definitely benefit from in the future.

Hatchimals is a next level pet which you can take care of while they’re still inside the egg until they hatch! There are two available pets the kids can get a, Penguala or Draggle, which they’re just going to find out once it’s hatched! The hatching process begins as soon as it’s taken from its packaging. Just witnessing the egg flashes lights inside and create different noises as the kids interact with it is already such a priceless moment. Each eggs take about 30 minutes to hatch and it’s only done by constant interaction with the egg like rubbing or moving it, taking care of it like it’s definitely your own precious baby.

The excitement doesn’t stop right there until you see your very own Hatchimal, hatching! Be ready to get smitten with how adorable and interactive it is the moment it hatches.


  1. Hongcute. A prequel to Tamagotchi.

  2. You can sell these for upto 300 usd. Bili na ng mdami

  3. Is it available na sa philippines? Antagal na naghihintay ng anak ko nyan!

    1. available na sis sa toys r us. nkbili n kmi for my daughter. they're selling it for 3,999.



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