Monday, October 3, 2016

Power of Money

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As the showbiz industry is on pins and needles while waiting for the release of the users and pushers in the industry, certain celebrities are doing their best to dispel rumors of their involvement in prohibited substances. Although they might not even be on the said list, talent management groups as well as artists have taken the initiative to undergo drug tests and release their negative results publicly. While this act has been lauded, some sectors, even authorities, are cynical over the results. Some authorities insist that drug tests should be done within their premises and supervision.

Still, one cannot take away the fact that some personalities are getting jittery of being included in the list. The names in the list might even include those who could have turned over a new leaf, but given that they were infamous substance abusers, their names might still be on the list. The impact of being included in the list could spell doom for the career of the personality. On the one hand, a named celebrity might lose endorsements and projects because he/she will be tagged as a user or pusher. On the other hand, demoralization might occur. Given that the common excuse to turning to drugs is depression, inclusion in the said list might further the depression of a celebrity.

While the nervousness continues as the presentation of the list is taking time, an Entertainment Personality (EP) has moved heaven and earth to avoid being included in the list. EP, known to be a competent entertainer in the field and a shrewd businessperson, has realized the implications and repercussions of being included in the list. EP might lose the faith given by followers as well as investors. Having been involved in various business endeavors, EP knows that a questionable personality would turnoff investors. EP does not want that to happen. Worse, EP is aware that inclusion in the said list might tarnish the family name. So, what should one do?

Allegedly, EP used resources or funds to ensure the family name will not be dragged. The grapevine is abuzz that EP paid indeed made sure that the name would not be part of the list. Non-inclusion in the list would complement the release of drug use test and dispel rumors of EP’s involvement in any drug matters.

‘Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.’ – Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Shrewd businessperson..Hmmmm. Could this be T?

  2. K? Since Di clear ang gender ng bi si K Lang naiisp ko na shrewd businessperson at May pinoprotect na family name.

  3. pak ganern! kaya ba natatagalan ang release? sino ba yan?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Yan ang hirap sa nangyayari ngayon sa Pinas. Di dinadaan sa tamang process. Pano nga kung napagbintangan at di pala totoo na user/pusher eh di sira na pangalan ng tao. Sabi nga mahirap ng ibalik ang tiwala ng tao. Innocent until proven guilty dapat kaso sa Pinas patay ka na pano mo pa ma prove innocence mo smh.

  6. This is M, malaking eskandalo for his stature talaga kung mapasama sya sa list.

  7. R po diba hahaha

  8. So nababayaran pala ang pagkaka-ensure na wala ang isang tao sa listahan.

  9. K? Maskulada? Clues please



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