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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Insta Scoop: Nadia Montenegro Calls for Men to Have Their Prostate Checkup in Their 40s

Images courtesy of Instagram: officialnadiam


  1. Well, at least she used her fame to educate and warn people about prostate cancer which is very common among men. I hope other artists follow, hindi yung puro material na bagay lang pinapakita, masyadong pa show off. They should use their fame and influence instead to empower people to be kind, generous and considerate..and not to be materialistic.

    1. I agree with u..and if i may add,bilib ako kay Nadia bec she stood beside Asistio until now. It means hndi lng pera ang habol nya dati.

  2. Sa katandaan kasi kumakaoal na din lining ng prostate. Kinakayod lang naman yan. Altho spinal anaes pero not lifethreatening ang operation.

    pagaling po siya.

  3. She could've sent the same message without the NSFW photo. Kinda gross -- though I do understand her sentiments

  4. Ang mahirap kapag nadetect na may prostate cancer at a very late stage. Ganyan nangyari sa kakilala ko. Nagsabi ang dr. Na 3 months to live. Nagulat na lang kami na namatay na. Kaya dapat talaga pa check up.

  5. talaga lang ha eh bakit inuna pang tapusin ang taping ng TAL bago nagpa-procedure. eh he complained about it noon pa.

  6. she could have posted it in black and white

  7. Alarming rise in rate for Asian/Pinoy Men and Breast Examination and PapSmear naman sa mga Females... Annually Guys do examine please.

  8. WTF?! But I will show this to my dad



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