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Friday, September 30, 2016

Always Interfering

Filipino culture has a very peculiar feature in which parents believe in having a license that would always allow them to treat their adult children like kids. For example, parents would always have to be consulted prior to settling down and if the son or daughter does not, expect consequences. Successful celebrities are not spared from following their parents even though they are already of age and highly experienced.

Over the years, Domineering Personality (DP) has created the image of a very strict mother to her celebrity children. Hence, whatever DP says, the children have to obey. When Sultry Celebrity (SC) decided to enter showbiz, DP made sure she was with SC at every step of the way. Other than overseeing her career, DP also has a say in the lovelife of SC. Any distraction in the career of SC means that DP will lose the opportunity to earn because SC could always prioritize love over career.

This relationship developed as SC herself went through various heartaches. Finally, after having several lovers, SC finally seemed to have found The One (TO). As expected, TO was subjected to tirades coming from DP. This time, however, SC sided with TO.

One day, the public was surprised that SC and TO separated, which seemed unexpected as SC was in love. Meanwhile, TO was seen clubbing, while SC was working. Thus, this alleged breakup raised many eyebrows, as there seems to be no reason for the couple to part. However, there seems to be good basis for the breakup. Allegedly, DP had a hand in the break up. Despite her fierce words against TO, she managed to still charm her way to him. DP even asked TO to buy an item for her abroad. As expected, TO bought the said item. Worse, DP would even ask money from TO, and when it came to the due date, she allegedly did not bother to pay at all. These transactions were supposed to be kept secret, and SC should not know at all.

As time passed, SC found out and confronted DP. Yet, her relationship with TO also suffered, which allegedly resulted in their separation. Thus, DP had her say in the relationship of a very adult SC. The good news, however, is that SC and DP always mend their relationship, and SC has been spotted with TO. Perhaps, all is well.

‘Be careful when you let people in your life. Some people will be like I am here to help you. Only to find they are the ones blocking your way.’ ― De philosopher DJ Kyos

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  1. DP - P
    SC - M

    Tama ba mga teh?

  2. A and R. Money, money, money as always.

  3. DP-A
    ktnxbye! ;)

  4. DP - A
    SC - R
    TO - bf ni R , di ko knows and name


  5. Who di ang pambansang ganid

  6. Si A and R ba to? Kapalmuks naman ni A kung ganun.

  7. kahit gaano na kayaman c A basura pa din ugali nya. ndi talaga nabibili ng pera ang class

  8. Panget ang ugali ni A

  9. more clues pls. san station?

  10. Initials at first paragraph palang, alam na na si A to hahaha



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