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Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Decision That Could Just End His Relationship

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Good-looking Celebrity (GC) and Handsome Boy (HB) grew up in overlapping circles of showbiz families. Having parents who are noted performers in the entertainment industry made it inevitable for GC and HB to bump into each other at such an early age. Besides, other than being respected actors, their parents also shared what seems to be a common practice among showbiz families, that is, having children outside of the first marriage. Unlike other children of celebrities, GC and HB were immediately recognized by their famous fathers and both were not hidden from the limelight.

As they grew up, GC and HB became best friends, and eventually became a couple. When GC decided to pursue a career in the business, HB remained in the background. However, even though he was not that visible on screen, HB remained famous. Whenever GC was involved in a controversy, which was synonymous to having a career, HB was her shoulder to cry on until their relationship took a bad turn.

No one could clearly identify what triggered the bad blood between GC and HB. One moment, they seemed civil and in the next tweet, they would be alluding to each other negatively. Instead of remaining silent, the barrage of social media posts would become a feast for netizens, sympathizers, and bashers. In the midst of these exchanges, their families have remained silent. However, rumors have it that the relationships among their parents have been affected as well. Once best friends, their parents have remained distant.

While HB seemed to maintain cordial relations with the family members of GC, an unexpected decision on the part of GC might have made a statement to end these exchanges of tweets. The education of a Young Family member (YF) was disrupted when GC decided to transfer YF to Another School (AS). Prior to being moved to AS, YF was studying in a school that is closely related to HB. In photos of that school, YF would sometimes be a familiar face among the smiling students. The look of innocence was oblivious to the conflict between GC and HB. Of course, GC could always state that her decision had nothing to do with HB, given that AS is owned by someone close to her. Besides, she has the right to make sure YF gets the best out of life. Some time ago, HB posted a message that many believed hinted at the hesitation that that he might not no longer have a close relationship as before with YF. Meanwhile, netizens have noticed that their social media sites seem to have a truce these days.

‘You don’t win battles with hate. Anger and hate can make you brave, make you strong, but they also make you stupid. You end up tripping over your own two feet.’ ― Michael J. Sullivan

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  1. GC - A
    HB - J
    YF - F

    fan ako nila

  2. GC- A
    HB- J

    Tama ako hahaha. For the first time, first honor ako sure to hahaha

  3. Sino pa ba, edi sina A tsaka J lol

  4. Eto ang sagot dyan GC -A HB- J

  5. GC - A HB - J hmmmm ano ba masasabi ko? .... ahh mag-away na lng ulit kayo, antahimik ng showbiz ngaun ehh.

  6. GC - A ?? HB - J ?? The rest di ko na alam. Di ko din sure sagot ko.

  7. GC-I HB-J YF-d of I Tama kaya? HELP PLS!

  8. Ang dali si A and J ito

  9. sinong A and J? anong network?

  10. Sus tulak ng bibig kabig ng dibdib lang yan si A. Ang guwapo naman kasi ni J.

  11. GC- A HB- J Uwian na bes? :)

  12. GC is A. HB is J. hope they work things out, kahit ndi na magkabalikan, basta civil lang, tas walang away sa public/sns

  13. None other than A. Ang babaeng sinayang ang mga opportunities. HB is J. Nkakaumay na drama ng 2 na to.

  14. GC - A walwal girl HB - J

    1. Walwal girl pa rin til now? Eew.

  15. Not very sure pero mukhang si GC is A; HB is J.

  16. Easy peasy Si A at J

  17. Oh well , papel!
    Un nah!

  18. I love A no matter what. Your biggest fan here.



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