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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When Gimmicks Rebound

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Time proves that nothing lasts forever. An unknown can turn into a celebrity, earn money, awards, and fame, and become a star. He/She could then demand for certain requirements before accepting a project and more importantly, he/she is often a favorite topic of the press. Anything he/she says could become the banner for entertainment media.

Given that the likes of a certain generation change, unless a celebrity is able to reinvent his/her image, then interest in him/her wanes. Lucky is the celebrity who has good control of his/her finances because with no project at hand, lifestyles could downgrade. Worse, from a wealthy person, he/she could reach the opposite of the spectrum and turn poor.

In the case of Lively Woman (LW), she has done what she could to protect her talents and her clan. A few years ago, her talents were in demand such that they were often followed by reporters and the public showed interested in their activities. However, as LW and her talents have grown older and moved from one station to another, people got tired and moved on to idolize others.

Clearly, LW and her talents needed a way to revive interest in their careers. Although LW is a celebrity in her own right, entertainment press people were no longer trying to outdo each other just to get a scoop. To make sure, LW and her talents remain relevant, the talents personally called the press to confirm their attendance. Because of the ties LW and her talents have with the press, several could not decline the invitation. After all, LW said that they will have a huge revelation. During the presscon, LW and her talents were present and the big revelation was a narrative on the state of health of one of her talents (HT), which was deemed to affect her existence on Earth. LW was crying and showed that the situation of HT affected her so much.

However, the press people realized that the said situation could be healed if HT undergoes proper treatment anyway. Instead of gaining sympathy, the press people were turned off and realized that the big story they were promised was lame. At that point, most felt used by LW and her talents, as they were made to look like fools. Thus, after the presscon, some resorted to saying a few harsh disappointing statements on LW and her talents. Well, given the very few projects of LW and her talents these days, if they are unable to reinvent their careers, then, venturing into better money-making opportunities could at least assure they live comfortably. As for the people who attended their event, they might not be as interested to attend another form of gimmick.

‘No tricks, gimmicks, special pills, special potions, special equipment. All it takes is desire and will.’ -Richard Simmons

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  1. easy A (LW); HT is R

    1. easy nga classmate. perfect tayong lahat

  2. LW -A
    HT -R

    Pers Honor akiz!

  3. LW is A HT is R wala na masyadong pumapansin sa kanila

  4. lelz ang mga feeling relevant! th kse.

  5. Hay nako, nakaka-turnoff din naman kasi ang attitude ni LW eh. Para bang imbes na pawis ang lumalabas sa balat nya eh ka-negahan ang lumalabas. Nakakairita.

  6. Paanong hindi malaos mga ito, Wala naman ka talent2 silang lahat. Kung umasta pa, mga wannabe alta.

  7. La ocean deep na kasi mga talents nya lalo na si R na feeling teenager

  8. 3rd paragraph pa lang getsung na! HT- R! Ewan ko nalang sa gimmick mo!

  9. hahahhaa...yung walang talent. trying so hard to be relevant. *roll eyes*

  10. HT - R Tingin ko nga gimmick lang tong sakit kuno ni R

  11. Seriously, I laughed my arse off when I heard this...illness of hers because it screamed of attention-wh*rin. And clearly, the public thought so too as no one paid them attention. The only one that's staying relevant is S.

  12. Sige ako na mag diagnose sa sakit ni R. Arteraytis lang yan.

  13. Sauce! Jurassic looking na si R, pati mga gimmick nila bakya.

  14. A and R who else? Lels. Korni.

  15. Umpisa pa lang alam ko ka ek-ekan lang yung sakit Ni ateng. Tsaka masyado silang mayayabang na akala mo untouchables nuon. Ayan napala buti sana kung may talent sila.

    mariannet Rivera

  16. A and R nga haha... lipat pa kase ng station eh



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