Saturday, August 27, 2016

Remaining Faithful to Her Quest for Love

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Finding the one true relationship that would make Versatile Performer (VP) has been quite a struggle. Unknown to many of her followers, VP started in the entertainment industry early in her teens. At that time, she was a newbie that did not really create much impact on the viewers, but VP was persistent and pursued the path that she thought would bring her a good career.

After her first show folded up, VP found her way as a talent of a major production. Young and naïve, she fell for the charms of the then-sought Manly Actor (MA). At that time, showing skin and daring scenes were the norm and MA was among those fit for such roles. However, VP seemed to be too young for MA. Besides, MA was already a father to a number of children then.

As years passed, her film outfit gave her the break and soon, VP had a string of hit shows as well as movies. The audience gravitated towards her light disposition and her antics. While her image risked encouraging people to believe that she was showing her true self, VP had to ride on, as money was good. Soon, she was able to transcend the daring trend to become a more wholesome performer. Then, as one is only as good as the last project, VP succumbed to slowly falling from the peak of her career.

During the time when VP settled for a particular medium, rumors were rife that she was having a relationship with Someone from a Powerful Family (SF). Their relationship was kept like an open secret because SF was a married man and his kin could not risk any scandal. VP kept quiet, although she did reveal that she had at one point, met the family of SF. Then, VP even hinted at settling down, but did not at all reveal the identity of the one. Thus, the assumption was that VP was pining for SF. When SF lost his foothold and was facing a bigger controversy, VP panicked in a way. Not only did love fail her, certain sectors were hinting at linking VP to the troubles of SF. Again, VP lost at love.

Every so often, VP would hint that she had found the one and was about to settle down. Short of being a female version of the ‘boy who cried wolf,’ VP never gave up. She hooked up with a foreign boyfriend, whom she thought was her forever. Then, a colleague was even rumored to be a beau. Finally, the public was tired at her failed relationships, but VP was of a different mode. After addressing her own issues, VP finally found her Unconditional Love (UL).

However, similar to her treatment of her past relationships, VP gave the public a glimpse of UL. Then, to prove that this relationship was serious, VP continued to make known their plans for their future. Moreover, VP has even allegedly been selling her collection to make sure they have enough funds. Then, just as things seemed to be in place for their big day, a rumor that VP might already be in the interesting stage emerged. Now, kibitzers are saying that instead of spending for the big day, the couple might opt to make things simpler and focus their finances on the alleged little one. At last, VP could finally realize her dream.

‘My heart might be bruised, but it will recover and become capable of seeing beauty of life once more. It's happened before, it will happen again, I'm sure. When someone leaves, it's because someone else is about to arrive--I'll find love again.’ ― Paulo Coelho

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  1. VP = R
    MA = R
    SF = M

  2. This is R. MA is B na playboy at madaming anak.

  3. VP is R, ang hopeless romantic. Mas madatung siya kesa kay UL, but she looks geniunely happy now.

  4. VP is R. MA- J SF is B UL- T. Uwian na! Sana nga magtagal na sila ni T kwawa rin si R kung sya gumagastos.

  5. VP - R
    SF - M
    MA - B

  6. VP - R
    SF - B
    MA - J

  7. VP- R
    MA- J
    SF- B
    UL - T

    Sn yan na forever mo R

  8. Kuha ko kung sino si girl at si UL, Pero sino si SF at MA

  9. R... first honor.. :)

  10. VP Si R n dating kaH. SF si R UL yong bagong jowa. MA?

    1. MA is J na papable nung kasikatan at pantasya ng mga beks.

  11. medyo "intellectually challenged" ang kanyang claim to fame. Good luck i hope hindi ito pinilit para lang masabing she didn't cry wolf this time.

  12. VP-R MA-B SF- M UL- her bf.

  13. VP - R, MA-J, SF-D, UL-T Perfect!!!

  14. Sana ito na ang forever mo. Goodluck to the highest level!!!

  15. Si R, dami dami dami kasing To All the Boys I Loved Before kaya lito lito parang trumpo. Anyway,sana 2loy na si T her UL kc me interesting event na mangyayari DAW. Pag di pa natuloy eh kww siya. Laos na, sawi pa.

  16. VP- R MA- Ultimate pabling B SF- M

  17. Si R. Totoo yung issue with him and M nuon.

  18. VP - R, MA - J, SF - M, UL - T - Perfect!!!! Hahaha!!!



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