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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Just Because You’re Married Now

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Years ago, Cutie Talent (CT) belonged to an elite set of talents that a big network deemed to be the next stars of the station. Given that CT was not a major winner, he had to be content with the breaks given to him. The network was kind and they gave CT projects that exhibited his acting talent and versatility.

However, the times were too competitive for CT. The network was continuing to discover new and fresher talents, and over time, CT was left out in the cold. Worse, he was in love, but given the restrictions of his Pretty Girlfriend (PG), they could not reveal their relationship. Given that PG was more popular than CT and was part of a very famous loveteam, revealing she was with CT would ruin her image. Nonetheless, after establishing a name, PG left for overseas and CT realized they were not going to be forever.

Time heals heartbreaks and maturity crept in. PG was experiencing the time of her life in the entertainment field. By contrast, CT was already overshadowed by the new crop of talents of the network. Moreover, CT could not shake off the name of PG despite having ended their relationship. Thus, his projects lessened and could only wait for something big.

CT had to move on and thus, he tried to work in other networks. CT was given several projects, but given that he was not homegrown and did not have a strong backer, CT returned to his home studio.

Then, CT once again made it to the press, but this time, the event was a happy one. CT had chosen to settle down. In a simple event, the photos indicated the happiness of CT and his partner. Once the photos were posted, his fans and friends wished him well. However, amidst all the well-wishers, Former Flame (FF) was unhappy.

Sometime ago, CT was confronted by the scenario of women claiming to be carrying his children. CT allegedly doubted that he was the father, but he did promise to help in raising the child financially. One of these women was FF. When FF found out that CT was settling down, all she could do was whimper and turn to social media. FF had to express that CT was not sending child support and when she saw the news, she realized that CT was too busy with his new wife. His being too focused on his marriage had left his alleged child with FF with no one to turn to for support. What FF fears is that the new status of CT might make him stop fulfilling his fatherhood duties.

‘We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.’ – George Bernard Shaw

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  1. CT-J
    FF-? Ung isa sa naanakan (daw) nya

  2. CT- J PG- S. Uwian na

  3. more clues!!! mahuhuli na naman ako sa pansitan!

  4. Ct-j pg-s ff-n pak ganern pers honor

  5. CT - J PG - S FF - N (Non showbiz) Ka-F :)

  6. More clue pa mga baks please. Di ko ma-gets. :(

  7. Replies
    1. bakit naman sayang? hindi naman sumikat ng bongga si J no!

  8. grabe may anak pala sina J at S? Hula lang

    1. Ay shunga hindi si S ang naanakan. Former flame probably non showbiz or baka showbiz din but di rin sikat.

  9. feeling ko si J ito asawa ni K

  10. c J na galing sa mga rshow S ung ex! nonshowbiz dao ung isang ex so malamang ndi natin kilala!

    Konan 小南

  11. Ct - j pg - s dating lt no h na waley na



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