Monday, August 8, 2016

A Callous Reaction

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A common trend that seems to be popular among showbiz personalities is the visit to the casinos. The usual excuse for playing the slots or at the tables is that they only want a diversion. However, some go to the casinos thinking that playing would be an investment, and they eagerly hope to recoup their money in a few hours.

Beating the odds is always an exciting experience and people who make bets are confident that their choices would always be winners. Initially, one could win big and the tendency is to try to win more. At the end, one would have lost more than what he/she had initially intended to spend. Several celebrities have been known to develop gambling addiction. While some manage to stop on time, others lose every hard-earned centavo they made. Still, the lure of the casino is strong for a number of people regardless of celebrity status or not.

During one occasion, Spirited Celebrity (SC) and Returnee Personality (RP) were both at a casino. Seeing SC at a casino is not surprising, as her presence could mean she has business dealings in the hotel. Despite having the means, SC is too smart to be found squandering her money at the tables. Never has her name been involved in gambling addiction, although she has good ties with known high rollers.

Meanwhile, RP tried her luck at playing, which was probably more of a diversion. Given that RP has stable finances, she could afford to lose a few thousands that night. After a few tries, a cheer came from where RP sat. RP won! To her surprise, SC was behind her. Naturally, any winner in the casino is expected to share her winnings. As expected, SC kidded RP to share her fortune. Of course, RP gave her an amount and seeing that the entourage of SC was there, she handed some bills to the staff of RP. They thanked her, and RP felt glad as well.

However, RP’s smile turned to a look of puzzlement as she heard SC asking her staff how much RP gave them. Then, what made her raise her eyebrow is that SC told her staff that she will deduct the said amount from their salaries because she was the one who asked RP to share her winnings. RP could only shake her head, as she could not believe that despite the blessings SC has, she still treats her staff lowly.

‘It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters.’― Amit Ray

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  1. Sinech itech na dalawang hitad na lulong sa Bisyo ng Sugal?

    1. M and N. Parehas sikat at magaling na artista. Mahilig sa casino at may issue sa pera.

  2. RP-K SC-A

    first honor!!

  3. Si A .. m ni r.

  4. Sige casino pa. Pag dating ng araw wala na kayong raket at magka sakit pag sisisihan nyo yan. btw this is A and K.

  5. Feeling mayaman si K ha. Sugalera na

  6. Si M yan. Mahilig mag casino yun. tapos yung buraot si N.

  7. nakakatakot sya ha. M talaga itong aleng ito. Grabi



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