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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Must be Seeking Her Distractions

The hardest part in a broken relationship is not the breakup itself, but the aftermath when both parties have declared the end. While acceptance could be difficult, some parties continue to act on their frustration by expressing tirades against their ex-partners. For some celebrities, social media has become their battleground, and thus, their followers could only feel the pain or anger of their idols. To make matters worse, commenters would even fan the flame.

However, after the bloody part of ‘he said-she said’ has subsided, moving on can take various ways. Some find love and secure their relationships immediately with marriage or long-term commitment with a new person, whereas others decide to be cautious and not plunge into a permanent relationship.

When the marriage of Pretty Starlet (PS) and her Celebrity Husband (CH) was over, their fans were sad because they seemed to be an ideal couple. PS was at the peak of her career, having discovered that she could act as well in addition to her hosting skills and CH was garnering praises for helping his team gain strong ground in his field. When they got married, PS shunned showbiz to make sure their marriage would work. Unfortunately, it did not. Except for a moment of letting the public speculate on the cause of their doomed relationship, both have kept quiet on the reason of their separation. After some time, CH found his new partner, while PS has tried to revive her career.

Recently, PS has been seen with Non-Showbiz Personality (NS), who has been linked with Influential Expert (IE) as far as runway matters are concerned. The alleged relationship of NS and IE was once the subject of society columns and blind items because both were still in relationships when they were found out to be attracted to each other. With the sighting PS with NS, people could not help but wonder if NS has dumped IE for PS, who is much younger and daring than IE.

However, seeing PS touchy feely with NS raised more questions because she was spotted with a date with an older looking Asian man a few weeks before being seen with NS. Being seen with two different men within a short span made the conservative raise eyebrows at the actions of PS. Still others think that PS might still be seeking her self-worth after the breakup with CH, which left her in bad light.

‘When we are looking for validation, that will never satisfy us. When we are looking for affection, for love, a little bit of that will be enough to be complete.’– Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

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