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Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Abortion

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Absence in the entertainment industry is always met with speculations. When a celebrity is not as visible as before, expect the rumor mill to go crazy with various reasons to explain such absence. Then, as soon as such stories find their way in print, expect the denials of the management and even the parties involved. Soon, the PR and damage control machinery of the management would start spinning stories to protect the parties.

When Female Celebrity (FC) left, the usual rumors were dismissed. However, the grapevine has been alive with a controversial story to explain her disappearance. Sadly, the lethargic feeling of FC was the result of a procedure, in which, she lost the baby that she was carrying.

For a week or so, FC maintained her privacy and made sure that not even her family knew where she was hiding. As soon as she felt things were okay, she showed up looking pale and sickly. Then, continuing her lack of zest, she would stay in her room under lock and key. Her family members respected her privacy thinking that she might just be wanting some time off. Being old enough, they no longer questioned the decisions of FC until they were alerted by the househelp.

As soon as the househelp realized something was not right, she called the attention of the parents to the number of times she has seen blood stains on the sheets used by FC. This scenario made the parents confront FC to get answers from her. After all, bleeding could be a sign that FC was indeed sick and needed medical attention.

Feeling cornered, FC confessed that she had undergone a procedure. However, she refused to divulge where she had the procedure done and who accompanied her. The family sought advice from the manager of FC, who then helped them avail of the services of a hospital with utmost privacy. The medical findings confirmed that FC was experiencing internal bleeding that could have resulted from the said procedure.

To give FC proper care, the management deemed to cancel all commitments to help FC heal physically and emotionally. Instead of prolonging negative feelings, the family and management thought wiser, and refused to blame FC anymore as reality indicated that the situation would no longer go away. The least they could do is to make sure FC feels that she is loved and any guilt feelings will have to be worked at.

While FC is of age and is capable of raising a baby, the identity of the father could have been the reason why the procedure was chosen. The father, turns out, is not Her Man (HM), who had no idea that such happened to FC. The alleged father is Another Man (AM), who was close to FC. Apparently, FC met up with AM a couple of times, and obviously, they did not take any precaution.

In the entertainment industry, the story of FC is not at all shocking. Several actresses have had similar predicaments and have bounced back after threshing things out. In the case of FC, time would heal all wounds.

“This next part is not going to be any fun, but it’s like taking off a band-aid. It has to be done.” ― Kenneth Eade

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