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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Attitude and Values that Need to be Rectified

Whenever fans meet various celebrities, they could not help but observe and compare the behavior of such talents during a similar event. Given that when celebrities have a show out of their comfort zones, they have to be prepared to interact with the fans and plaster that smile even though they are tired or having a bad day.

Often, people who attend concerts of celebrities are fans who look forward to seeing their idols do something different or just be entertaining. For most people abroad, watching Filipino artists makes them forget homesickness for a few hours and thus, they do have certain expectations. By contrast, the Filipino artists take for granted the fact that the audience could have spent so much for tickets or missed workdays.

When Hunk Discovery (HD) and Younger Newbie (YN) were together for a show abroad, the audience was silently comparing the two. While both are talented as singers and performers, some people were noticing that HD had an edge in terms of looks. However, one factor has set YN apart from HD.

Although HD and YN were tired from the long trip and their performance, YN continued to smile at the audience and make them feel appreciated. When fans took photos, YN smiled with glee and made the moment worthwhile for fans. By contrast, HD had a stern look that bordered between irritation and uncaring. Still, some members of the audience asked him for photos. Unfortunately, they felt that HD was really in no mood and seemed to be just staying for YN.

Then, HD uttered something that made the listeners think twice. HD said that the audience should just be on stage, so he and YN would not have to go around. In addition, HD kidded that they should be tipped as well. Although he said those words in jest, the line between denial and truth is thin. Thus, between HD and YN, the fans preferred the latter with whom they had interacted.

Incidentally, YN finally made a move that is expected to be beneficial for his career. Meanwhile, HD was raring to leave his comfort zone, but his impulsiveness was met with stipulations in the contract. At his new home, YN could finally have a more stable exposure and projects for fans. However, YN would need to show that he is indeed worthy of the slot, as his new home has many young men who are handsomer and more talented. Nonetheless, those factors are not guarantees that one could be a big star. Timing is essential and in the past years, YN’s home had proven that other traits are essential to make sure a celebrity stays as famous as possible.

Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people. – Dennis Prager

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  1. At first, I thought J and N then biglang boys pala pareho. Help classmates. Sino sila? Tamad ako maglinis.

  2. A at V na parehong hipon?

  3. A and V ng kaS. Ang galing kong manghula.

    Cum laude aketch

    1. MagS itong dalawa pero different network.

  4. The b...

    Akasha Queen

  5. ako rin unang basa ko akala ko si J n N ito pero di ko knows kung sino itech

  6. Si A at V! Mayabang talaga yan si A bano naman umarte.

  7. Mag K sila tama?
    A- kah, hunk wd looks
    V- kas, hipon

  8. Si A na waley umarte kah at si V na galing kaS kalilipat lang sa kaF.

  9. Si A na k at V na sugpo

  10. naku lalo pa ngayon mafefeature si V sa isang show na matetest ang acting skills. waley mauungusan ni V si A niyan. sabi nga hardwork beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. Si A waley na nga talent di pa umayos... good luck sa kanya. lakasan na lang niya kumapit. lol

  11. A & V. yabang ni A, ang pangit naman ng skin at chakang umarte

  12. A at V! yun na!!

  13. HD is A. Walang maibuga sa aktingan at mayabang
    YN is V.



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