Saturday, March 2, 2013

Congratulations to the #FPturns2 Winners!

My 3 students: Patrick Ngo, Mitch Bagay and Alexa Capina 
They manually encoded the 4119 qualified entries in an Excel file and used 
Shake Raffle and Roll App to select the entry numbers in front of my class

#414 Herson Villalba Agmata 09174604***

#1847 Myradel Zapatero 09156712***

#2595 Rachel Ann Lamano 09281828***

2 Winners of 5,000PhP each from Gluta-C
#2889 Shirley S. Lim 09215359*** 
#2277 Karmella Joy A. Angco 09158152***

2 Winners of 1 Longchamp each from Michka
#2881 Jayrivic G. Rara 09189642***
#3607 Princess Jonah Marie Aglibut 09061337***

2 Winners of 2,500PhP gift certificate from Capricciosa Ristorante Italiano
#1064 Agnes Dela Cruz 09175122***
#3611 Flora May Joville-Schmidt #09173421***

5 Winners of Belomed Power Peel GC
#2669 Feli-Rose M. Rodillas 09175376***
#778 Maria Donnabelle S. Anicete 09088812***
#363 Karmella Joy A. Angco 09158152***
#3839 Judith Albius ‪09325346***
#678 Jessica Janile Gregorio 09061572***

4 Winners of beabi gift packs worth 3,500 PhP each
#1726 Warren Alulod 09186432***
#3563 Jose Tuason 09292346***
#1378 Dianne Rachelle David 09288463
#194 Monique D. Chua Tay 09266251***

See you or your representative on March 4, 2013, 8pm, at WAFU Greenhills.

Please bring the following:
- print out of the email stating that you are the winner
- 2 valid IDs of the winner
- letter of authorization if your are sending a representative (The representative is also required to present 2 valid IDs)

Prizes not claimed at the #FPTurns2 Dinner will be forfeited!


  1. Aww. Didn't win anything. Congrats to the winners. :-)

  2. Sayang...Still, congrats sa mga winners!
    I'm sure mas marami pang prizes ang ipamimigay sa mga darating na araw...
    More Power sa FashionPulis site at @MicSyLim!!!


  3. congrats sa mga winners! galing talaga ni FP magpa contest. Binibigay talaga ang mga premyo. di kagaya nung isang unano na nasa big A.

  4. Sad :( di me nanalo hehe

  5. aww I'm failed again..didnt win anything..
    anyway congrats sa winners..

  6. ay, nde n nman na2lo! kelan kya swertihin?

  7. THANK YOU FP! Didn't expect na mananalo ako! :)) Thank youuuuu!

  8. Thank you FP! I hope you don't mind my asking pero how much po ba 'yung Belo Powerpeel GC?

    1. The BELO Power Peel GC is approximately 2,500 PhP

  9. Thanks so much FP! Pero I hope you don't mind my asking, how much po 'yung worth ng Belo Powerpeel GC? Thanks again!

  10. lol estudyante ang pinagtrabaho haha. talaga naman hohohoho

    1. This is a make up activity for the 3 students who were not able to attend the Global Business Conference organized by the DLSU Marketing Department. Also, I thought of requesting them to facilitate the raffle to avoid any biases. The raffle was also done in front of our Marketing for Public Relations class for transparency.

    2. FP, bigyan mo ng extra credit yung mga students mo.

      For fun naman yung binigay nyang work sa mga students. Hehehehe

  11. Wow! Thank u so much:)Pwede po ba malaman how to go to WAFU Greenhills.. From Baclaran to there?? :)

    1. Herson V. AgmataMarch 2, 2013 at 4:05 PM

      from baclaran sakay ka bus to robinsons galleria then may bus/taxi na to greenhills shopping center. see you!my co winner! :)

  12. Congratulations to the winners! I really wanted that Dell laptop, though. Ang sisipag ng mga estudyante. Haggard mag-encode ng 4k entries ha!

  13. oooppps cant see my name. congratulations winners! hope to see you in person FP :) more powers!

  14. congratulations to all the winnners. Swerte nyo, may dinner with FP pa kayo tmrw! :-) Have fun, guys!

  15. Im here na at greenhills libot2 muna

  16. ndi mo pinost un comment ko. galit tlga ako sayo FP. naniwla ako, pti sa mga officemates ko kung ipromote kita e... :(



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