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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Must Visit

Image courtesy of Rod Cañalita/ Manila Bulletin

When Hunk Actor (HA) made his first appearance in showbiz, questions concerning his origins kept emerging. At that time, HA was very young and innocent of the ways local showbiz works. Thus, HA’s starting point was subsequently with his maternal showbiz connection.

The question about his father became hot when several famous and influential personalities were subsequently named. His mother kept mum about the identity of her partner or the father of HA. Disclaimers followed and the known personalities denied having anything to do with HA. HA found himself in other intrigues and the controversy regarding his lineage died down.

HA stayed on in showbiz and worked to improve his skills. Quitting was the last thing on his mind despite not being the top actor in his league. He has work and that was his motivation. His patience paid off as once in a while, his bosses would award him with lead roles.

At present, news about HA’s Father (HF) resurfaced. HF is overseas and has been practicing his profession on the other side of the world. HF is also known to have a helping hand. His generosity has touched a number of people. However, HF is allegedly sick and near death. The hope of those who know HF and HA is for the latter to be able to visit the former.

‘Boys do not ache for their father’s masculinity. They ache for their fathers’ hearts.’ --T. Real

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  1. ang giraffe classmates, pakopya!

  2. HA - D
    HF - H? HAHAHA

  3. Si D yata to sa Kaf na pogi. I remember his past interviews na tinatanong sya about his father.

  4. Si D lang naiisip ko

  5. parang normal naman sa showbiz na hindi complete ang parents and if may lahi. ok lang as single mom is norm so sino ba ang showbiz ang big deal sino tatay

  6. Eto na ang finals, parang babagsak ako. Ang hirap

  7. Si D yung may new teleserye.

  8. Si D agad yung naisip ko 😳



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