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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Like Him

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Apparently, Young Talent (YT) has more in common with Older Actor (OA) if the rumor mill will be believed. Because personalities like OA have made the path to showbiz easier for YT and his contemporaries, earning attention and accolades have become easier for them. YT is talented but would need more effort to come at part with OA and his generation.

Nonetheless, YT is also trying to make his own name so as not to be accused of using connections to gain fame. During his beginnings, OA had no one to cling on to in showbiz and relied on his physical looks and talents to gain ground. Luck would have it that YT was noticed and he was given breaks. He took advantage of these projects to show he was a notch higher than the others. Thus, when everyone dropped out of the scene, OA still had name recall and projects.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill is buzzing with comparisons of the two. Not only do they share good looks, both seem to be inclined towards what could not be really exposed openly. The public will not be keen and might cancel the two if a certain part of their alleged personality will be exposed.

Every actor seems to have been involved in same-sex gossip. Others immediately issue a denial and laugh off the rumor. Others react ‘violently’ and threaten to use the law to get back at the rumor starter. By contrast, others prefer to keep quiet and let the story die down. The brave ones who came out of the closet, however, risked much. Time, however, proved, they could bounce back only after enduring rejection via losing fans and projects. Like OA, YT is now subjected to a similar rumor along with a contemporary, who is equally talented, too.

‘The man who can keep a secret may be wise, but he is not half as wise as the man with no secrets to keep.’ –Edgar Watson Howe

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  1. P??? A??? Although talented si A.

  2. lahat na lang sila haha- ka umay na sino ang LGBT

  3. K is YT
    P is OA

    I knew something was off on why YT was there with all the A lister including OA on some party way back

  4. K young wild and free and gay

  5. Napapadalas ang BI kina PK.
    But K is also a LGBT or a user?

  6. Gets ko si OA - P. But who is YT - K? More clues please mga ka-fp, row 4 ako this week katabi ng basurahan. 😂

  7. K na laging kasama ni P.

  8. Haha sa TT ko pa talaga hinanap sino si K na kasama palagi ni P. Okay gets ko na. A+ ako today.

  9. Malisyoso talaga mga Marites. Makita lang magkasama iba na ibig sabihin

  10. Siguro bi si K kasi na-link rin siya sa mga young actresses.. marami sa mga gen z nowadays are sexually fluid



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