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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Untouchable Woman

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Since Untouchable Woman (UW) entered showbiz, her image has gone through a rollercoaster. First, UW was thought to be leading lady material, which started well for her. The next step was to find the perfect leading man or partner. After all, starting talents usually pass via the loveteam route. Unfortunately, that path was not for UW.

Second, UW, unlike her contemporaries, could not fit the good, cute girl image. UW had a strong personality that resonated with her image. The adventurous and non-conventional roles gave her career a big boost. Finally, the roles fit her. Soon, UW was attaining the dream of every talent, that is, recognition as well as financial security.

UW’s strong personality was, according to fans, real. Some fans claimed that UW was not as pleasant as they thought her to be. Thus, they knew UW might not be the nice star who would sincerely welcome fans. One time, fans saw UW at a shooting. Onlooker fans are usually very excited to watch shootings of celebrities. Sadly, their excitement was not reciprocated by UW. UW did not bother to flash at least a smile to acknowledge their presence. Subsequently, that attitude already signaled she cannot be approached, hence her untouchable reputation.

‘I never said I was a good girl. I’m not a bad girl. I’m just normal and that’s what I’m going to be.’ – Kelly Clarkson

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  1. Replies
    1. No not J. She is actually loka loka in person. I mean that in a good way.

    2. ay yung naghhissing sound? bakit naman sya untouchable, royalty ba sya sa showbiz? isa lang naman sa angkan nila yung nakilala sa industry, pero yun and the rest kasama si UW, panay mga INfamous

  2. Hay naku baka pagod lang. Entitled na masyado mga fans ngayon. Tao lang rin mga yan. Lalo pa magdamagan gising sa taping.

    1. Grabe no, people think na they are entitled enough. Di rin nga pwede wala sa mood

  3. si J to sure na

  4. why do I feel its K?

    1. English ba day? kaya di mo naintindihan. First, leading lady material? Ambata ni K nag start leading lady na ba agad?



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