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Monday, May 22, 2023

The Bait

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How deep is the relationship of a Local Celebrity (LC) and Rumored Partner (RP)? For many years, LC has been private over her personal matters and only answered questions regarding her career choices. Her fans and showbiz reporters respected her decision and continued to support her endeavors that moved up her status.

However, unexpected circumstances revealed what LC probably dreaded most, that is, exposing her supposed to be low profile relationship. All the while, the public thought LC was happy being single, but apparently her attention was given to RP.

The sad part is that the grapevine is buzzing that LC was allegedly a willing participant in RP’s business deals. Given her familiar face, LC became the main point in developing trust in RP. Like a good bait, LC did her part well.

Then, reality hit. Business dealings made by RP did not materialize and the failed promises were revealed. The people who trusted RP and LC ended up with disappointment. They had no choice but to take the next step to call out the two via the corresponding means. Worse, they assumed that LC had full knowledge of what was going on because she was with RP. Now, the question is if their assumption is correct and if they were true, damage control on LC’s part can be very costly.

‘Be aware, beware what lies, what lies? ... behind the light... 

Some people are highly skilled manipulators. And some people's whole lives are built on lies. They can cause a huge amount of damage to others.’ ― Efrat Cybulkiewicz

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