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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Online Presence

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Sometimes, when they can get away without being recognized, single or not even, celebrities join dating apps. Commonly, anonymity is the option as they can be fair game for unwanted attention, overwhelming date requests, etc. All in the fun as they say. When one joins a dating app, he/she must be ready for the rewards or consequences.

Although very seldom would a celebrity admit meeting his/her partner via a dating app, one who has a successful online relationship will often openly share about finding true love. As long as the celebrity behaves and follows the rules on online dating, he/she will be safe from bashing and possible shaming if he/she turns down a request or someone pining for him/her.

Meanwhile, Controversial Dude (CD) apparently has an account in one of those dating apps. His presence has left subscribers wondering what he is still doing there. After all, CD has declared he has found a new love. Is he doing the collect and select routing via an app? His followers are hoping his love will be the lasting one.  

‘The internet may have made finding love easier, but it hasn't made keeping it any simpler.’ ― medicosaurabh

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  1. ang taong ngipin na tinubuan ng mukha

  2. Looks like J na walking red flag.

  3. Z yung may jowang big star

  4. as if those dating apps are really for "dating & love", it's for hooking up to satisfy lust

  5. Controversial? Either C or G. the walking red flags lol

  6. Clue naman, guys

  7. Hindi naman controversial si Z

  8. Si J. Alam ko kasi nakita ko sya sa app! Hahahah. Sabi ng bio nya hindi sya naghahanap ng serious lol swipe left agad! Hahaha

    1. Sinong J? Hala, baka Yung crush ko.

    2. Yung J na maingay recently. Lol



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