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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Make No Mistakes

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After working hard and dealing with clients having various needs, Local Entrepreneur (LE) opted to relax with his partner. However, LE wanted something more and started tinkering with his mobile, seemingly looking for a number or so. LE finally found the number he was looking for and sent a simple yet loaded message.

LE built his name and reputation in a field where competition is tough. Having contacts can be an advantage, but talent cannot be faked. Moreover, in his field, one is only as good as his/her last job. An unhappy client can ruin the business, whereas one happy client could mean getting a huge market. The public can immediately know the product and happy clients, especially, people from the entertainment industry, can state a good word or two.

In the case of LE, his works have been praised by his satisfied clients. With an established reputation for quality, no one wonders why LE would have a steady flow of clients waiting for his services. LE is well-liked and famous in his expertise.

However, LE can be playful and want a bit more thrilling in what he wants. So, one night, to spice things a bit, LE started to contact people who might be interested in his plan. He and his partner looked forward to favorable responses. The request was for some fun in bed and a threesome seemed to be in order. Was LE successful in his quest that night? If only walls could speak.

‘It seems like people have to get their thrills somehow.’ – Brie Larson

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  1. M, P, S

    triangulong pag ebeg, grabi na itu!

  2. Mukhang hindi artista, mga baks. Anong industry kaya sya?

  3. Ang hirap nman, remedial n nman. Straigh b o hndi? Clues/hint please

  4. Mukang f.designers mga baks. Jirap tumbukin



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