Sunday, February 11, 2018

What To Do For Valentine’s Day

February has come and you can’t deny the feeling that love is in fact in the air. You see different valentine’s gift specials, bouquet of flower arrangements and your girl throwing in hints for your date. If you’re feeling pressured and you’re overthinking how your valentine’s date would go, just consider the following:

  1. It’s not about how fancy the restaurant is. For dinner, you can cook something for her or take her to her favourite restaurant. Just make sure that you have a reservation or you’ll probably wait in line!
  2. Go see a movie. It doesn’t matter whether it is on Netflix or you’re going to the cinema. Seeing movies on dates are probably a cliché but a relaxing experience for the both of you.
  3. Rub in some intimacy before ending the night and don’t forget that being slow and romantic is the key.

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