Sunday, February 18, 2018

Lucky Man

For people who can afford to have one, a credit card can be a lifesaver. With the power to buy on credit, one can buy things that are otherwise too heavy on the pocket if paid in cash, dine in fancy restaurants, and just feel secure that one does not have to release a huge amount of money in one sitting. With a famous name and reputation, a celebrity has a higher chance of being granted a credit card.

While spending is fun, paying on the due date can be a nightmare especially of the amount due has piled up. For celebrities, like ordinary non-showbiz folk, unpaid dues can become a problem. Unless a celebrity has investments, relying on projects alone might not be a good idea to keep as the only means of earning a living. Such decision means that money is dependent on having projects. Thus, without a project, a celebrity will not have any income, and possibly miss out on paying his credit card dues on time.

When Seasoned Actor (SA) was given a good line of credit, little did he know that such would be his headache. Over the years, SA has accumulated a substantial amount of expenses, which has hurt his credit standing. As the alleged due is quite big for someone in his statute, the credit card company resorted to legal means. Hence, the sheriff was tasked to collect his assets on behalf of the credit card company.

However, the sheriff was unsuccessful in his task. The address was not at the home of SA, but rather, at the office of a well-known showbiz-related company. Family relations of SA are owners of the said office, but such circumstance did not let the sheriff from doing his task. After all, the assets of the office are not the assets of SA.

Despite being in debt, at the very least, SA finally has a steady project. These days, a network has given him an interesting role in a major project. Even at his age, work still matters, as he does have a debt to pay and acting is his passion. He loves the industry too much and has contributed to the well-being of talents as well.

‘You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.’ ― Dave Ramsey

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