Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Letter from a Reader: Destiny Made Me Talk to My Crush

Dear Fashion Pulis,

I am a sophomore student in a private Catholic school in Manila. And just like any other girl, I cannot resist the charms of a basketball player. I’ve liked him since the day I first saw him play in the NCAA. And then one day, destiny led me to him. It all happened in the most humid day of the year. I was riding the LRT on my way to our school. I was standing near the door at the female area when I saw a familiar face waiting to enter the same train I was riding.

While walking towards the exit, I am also pulling a mirror to see if I look presentable, but my powder rolled over the floor. Already embarrassed that I might be making a scene, he picked up the powder, handed it to me and asked, “sayo ba to?”. I was so embarrassed and kinikilig at the same that I said “Yes, good luck sa training mo mamaya.” What?! Stalker alert!!

He grabbed my left hand; his palm touched the back of mine, as he said while laughing, “Una na ako”. “Thank you, ingat ka” was all I could say. I still have the powder and mirror that lead me to finally talk to him. And here I am with no plans of disposing the powder he single-handedly touched.


The powder girl

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