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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Insta Scoop: Leila Alcasid Signs Up with Star Music

Image courtesy of Instagram: ogiealcasid

Image courtesy of Instagram: michellevaneimeren


  1. Iba talaga pag anak ng artista at may koneksyon

  2. Lakas ng kapit eh di naman maganda at magaling sa true lang tayo ✌🏼

    1. Maganda naman siya te. Kung ibang artista walang itsura pero naayosan nagkakaitsura mas lalo naman si leila. Tatay niya si Ogie pwede gawan siya ng kanta nag sign lang siguro sila para covered ang production cost at para sa press release


  4. Magandang bata, although ko pa narinig ang voice nya. Sana maging successful sya tulad ng papa nya sa music industry. Goodluck po, Mr. Ogie the pogi at sa anak nyo.

  5. Not pangit but not pretty enough for showbiz. Iba talaga ang may connection. Real talk.

  6. Sigh. This is the reason why our local music scene is practically dead, thrives on covers and imitating whatever is hot. I'm sure she can sing and she looks lovely but is she an artist? Artista maybe. If we're not giving concerts and albums to the likes of Anne Curtis, we're giving them to the anaks of Ogie and Gary and ZsaZsa. They get signed on because of who their parents are. So here we are, a local mainstream music scene that unfairly taxes foreign acts to make their tickets exorbitantly priced all for the sake of protecting their mediocre local sorry behinds. Buti na lang there are a handful of artists who still carry on with music but they never see this kind of support and so they will forever be indie acts because they weren't born as Gary or Ogie's kids. And while satisfying for the parents to see their kids grab recording deals at such young ages, music buyers won't be and whatever cd they release will end up adding to our landfill problems.

  7. ED SHEEERRRA SHEEERRAFebruary 1, 2018 at 7:33 PM

    Can we please give this kid a break, I haven't heard or seen her perform, pero baka naman meron naman siyang something to offer that can catch our attention. And I'm sure naman they won't give her a recording contract if she can't carry a tune. Enough of comments that "her parents are artistas", "connections" et al. She is not stunning as her mother (former Miss Australian forgot the date Michelle Van Eimerin) dahil malakas ang dugo ni Ogie Alcasid, but can we blame her?. Pero hindi ibig sabihin noon eh di na siya maganda. Lets just give her a chance.

  8. Maganda si Leila pero kulang sa mass appeal. Sayang di niya nakuha ang height ng nanay niya at least additional sa kaniyang ganda

  9. malay nyo ba, baka marunong naman kumanta yung si Leila.



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