Saturday, February 17, 2018

Chilling Response

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When Fan Girl (FG) visited her doctor, she was given shocking news. FG had contracted a venereal disease, which made her come to terms with her unprotected act. However, what shocked her more was the realization of the possible source of the STD. FG had only been with one person and that happened to be Easy-going Dude (ED).

ED was once a highly-sought after celebrity, and at the peak of his career, he had movies, shows, teleseryes, endorsements, screaming fans, and other indicators that his career was made. Nothing lasts forever and in the case of ED, the taste of the audience changed and his career was over in a snap. With no appearances in his network, he tried to reinvent himself. Unfortunately, even if he maintained his looks and figure, his fans have moved on and the younger audience no longer connected with him.

ED continued to try to revive his career, but luck and opportunity were not on his side. He became visible in social media just to remind people that he was still around. This move was successful, as he was able to make himself known to the younger generation. Using the power of social media, ED even projected himself as a good-doer who could justify his actions as an adult.

The thing with ED is that when he wants some action, he knows where to find it and that was, of course, social media. ED is not the only one who gets friendly over social media, as other celebrities have been found flirting and even doing shocking actions online. The number of video scandals involving celebrities indicates that ED is really just cruising along.

Through his search, he met FG. Overwhelmed that ED was giving her attention, she reciprocated. With his talent, he managed to convince FG to do it with him. After their encounter, FG started feeling strange and doubtful of her possible symptoms, went to see a medical practitioner. Her worst fears were confirmed, as the doctor advised her to undergo medication.

FG had no choice but to tell ED what she was going through. ED was relaxed and agreed to pay for her medication. However, ED was not just going to let money slip away easily. Prior to handing the money, ED asked FG to do it to him. This incident infuriated FG, who could not understand if ED were callous or mocking her. 

‘Life sometimes reminds us that it is sometimes heartless by giving something or someone we really need to someone who does not need or even want them or it.’ ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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  1. Ito ba yung sa gym nakatira?

  2. ED is C. No idea sino si FG dahil madami-dami din ang nagpabiktima kay ED

  3. tuyot na utak ko mga baks, clue naman jan

  4. oh my! sino itong unggoy na to?

  5. I would like to say C but hindi naman sya ganun kasikat ever. Si D pwede pa

  6. Ewwww! Naghahasik ng lamig si ED - C!!!

  7. This is "C". Nakakaloka ung mga ganitong moves ng mga la ocean deep. Sana wala na syang ibang mahawaan.

  8. Katangahan ng girl, kanino sya galit sa sarili nya?

  9. Ewwwwww baboy! Tanders na nga pero feeling 17 pa rin amp. Tigas din ng mukha mo no?

  10. C the Laos and gross pervert douchebag.

  11. ED - C

    Lol hula lang mga classmate.

  12. ED - C
    Ka-F before. Used to have a TL with C.
    Sure na!

  13. Definitely C as in collect and collect

  14. Hmm pakibalik po ako sa row 100.bagsak ako dito



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