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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Closed Affair

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Without wanting to expose his adventures, Network Talent (NT) did not expect the attention given to him by netizens who were quick to react to his posts. Netizens who visited his accounts were more focused on teasing him over his companion during those trips. As always, NT was defensive and told his bashers to mind their own business. Unfortunately, seeds of hatred only fuel bashers, and they continued to troll his account.

NT is not alone, as other celebrities have endured similar reactions from bashers, who usually hide behind fictitious or private accounts. Nonetheless, NT’s life must go on even if his secrets are starting to emerge. For example, the grapevine is abuzz with stories that NT has a relationship with a Non-Showbiz Personality (SP). While NT did his work as an actor, SP remained incognito and supportive of what makes NT happy until a heartbreaking event.

Sometime ago, NT irresponsibly made Versatile Performer (VP) like him deeply. Thus, they would even have matching posts and close to intimate poses. The image of the two having fun made followers believe that something is brewing between them. The fans of VP were elated, as she seemed to have found her forever in NT, whom some netizens teased as blind in the way that love does not see. VP and NT became relationship goals for some followers until things turned opposite. Suddenly, they removed their pictures together and even unfollowed each other. Allegedly, SP has had enough and told NT to stop fooling around. He should drop the whole charade, or else.

NT followed SP, and distanced himself from VP. However, he explained that his trip was free care of a friend and that he did spend as much as people might think. The underlying implication was this message was his clarifying statement indirectly addressed to VP. When NT cut off ties with VP, he did not cut cleanly. Allegedly, NT owed a certain amount and VP was not going to free him of the debt. Hence, he had to say that the trip was paid for by another person’s pocket.

Sadly, VP tried to collect, but try as she did, NT could no longer be reached. Dialing his number became frustrating, and VP realized that NT has blocked her from accessing him. Even though they are within the same professional circle, VP is still having a hard time in reminding NT of what he owes. The questions of until when NT could pay off his alleged debt and come to terms with his preference could only be answered as time passes. There might not even be an answer at all.

‘The truth is always an insult or a joke, lies are generally tastier. We love them. The nature of lies is to please. Truth has no concern for anyone's comfort.’ –Katherine Dunn

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Insta Scoop: Gloria Diaz Believes Maxine Medina Has a One in a Million Chance to Win

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FB Scoop: Netizens Bash Bianca Umali for Hypocritical Post

Images courtesy of Facebook: Bianca Umali

65th Miss Universe's Island Escape in Boracay #SmartMissU

The candidates of the #65thMissUniverse spent the day in the island paradise of Boracay for their first preliminary event. 

They immersed in Filipino culture through basket weaving; helped in the CSR of Shangri-La through Fish House Making; and had fun in the beach in a dragon boat. 

The 16 candidates who were in Boracay are Misses Argentina, Australia, Belize, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guyana, Honduras, Malta, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, Poland, Turkey, and US Virgin Islands.

This event is brought to you by ETC. Stay tuned for more Miss Universe updates and highlights through Smart Social Media channels. #SmartMissU #MsUonETC #MissUniverse

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FB Scoop: Gloria Diaz Advises Maxine Medina to Get An Interpreter

Image courtesy of Facebook: PTV

Miss Venezuela, Mariam Habach is Miss #FlawlessoftheUniverse 2016

Repost: Venus Raj Reveals Her Request for An Interpreter for the Miss Universe Pageant Was Denied By Bb. Pilipinas


“I really wanted to have an interpreter.”

Miss Universe 2010 fourth runner-up Venus Raj made this revelation amid discussions about whether Philippine bet Maxine Medina should get an interpreter for the upcoming pageant.

In an interview with GMA-7's “News To Go” on Monday, Raj recalled the time she filled out a Miss Universe form, where she indicated that she wanted to get an interpreter.

“I checked it out, inilagay ko doon, ‘Yes, I need an interpreter,’ because Miss Universe will provide for [an] interpreter,” she said.

But in the end, Raj’s request was not granted, with the Filipina beauty queen explaining that she “had to submit to authorities.”

She noted that Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI) first had to approve her application before it could be handed over to the Miss Universe Organization.

“They (BPCI) said, ‘No, you don’t need an interpreter, because the Philippines is actually known as [an] English-speaking [country], so hindi mo kailangan,” Raj said. “Pero kung ako lang talaga, gustung-gusto ko. I really want.”

Looking back, Raj believes she could’ve given a better answer during the Miss Universe 2010 pageant if she was given an interpreter.

“My answer could have been different. I could’ve framed it in a way na, wow,” she said.

“[But] it [did not] happen and everything really happens for a reason.”

When asked if she thinks Medina, the country’s representative to the Miss Universe pageant set on January 30, needs an interpreter, Raj replied: “I think prerogative pa rin ni Maxine ‘yun.”

“Pero she has to submit pa rin talaga to the authority which is Binibining Pilipinas… But with Maxine, she’s okay,” she said.

Watch the 65th Miss Universe coronation live on ABS-CBN Channel 2 on January 30, 2017 Monday 8 a.m. (Manila time)

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Insta Scoop: Ryan and Judy Ann Agoncillo Show Workouts Can be Fun

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Insta Scoop: Paolo Ballesteros Transforms Into 'Viola Davis Paint'

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Like or Dislike: Trailer of 'Foolish Love'

Insta Scoop: Meet the Cast of 'Legally Blind'

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FB Scoop: Paulo Avelino As Gregorio del Pilar

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Caption This: Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual

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Like or Dislike: Nadine Lustre on the Cover of Scout

Insta Scoop: Daughter of Patrick Garcia Turns One

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Insta Scoop: Rima Otswani Posts Photo of Baby Daughter

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Insta Scoop: 'Sakaling Di Makarating' to Hit Cinemas on February 1

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Repost: Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach Admits Relationship with Marlon Stockinger

Image courtesy of Twitter: ANCALERTS

For the first time, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach opened up about her relationship with Filipino-Swiss race car driver Marlon Stockinger.

“We are together,” Wurtzbach confirmed in a live interview with ABS-CBN News’ Dyan Castillejo on Monday. “I’m glad that I finally met somebody who’s very secure with himself and who understands my job, and who’s not afraid to let me have my moment such as right now, now that the competition is happening here.”

Wurtzbach, who is currently in Manila to take part in the Miss Universe pre-pageant activities, went on to note the many similarities between her and Stockinger. 

Aside from being half-Filipinos, the two also grew up as Catholics.

“I’m also happy with the fact that he’s a Filipino and that he’s also a Catholic. I think we have a lot of things in common,” she said.

When asked about Stockinger’s best trait, Wurtzbach replied: “He’s very funny, like he’d always make me laugh. Hindi pilit ‘yung parang dahil gusto ko siya, natatawa lang ako.”

“He knows a lot of things about me that I probably shouldn’t tell other people, but he’s cool with it,” she added. 

Wurtzbach also happily shared that her relationship with Stockinger is approved by the people important to her, including the Miss Universe Organization.

“Esther (Swan, her manager) approves, that’s the number one thing,” she said. “Paula (Shugart, Miss Universe president) likes him, Esther likes him, the Miss Universe Organization likes him. That’s a huge relief on my part because, whew, I don’t have to worry.”

It was in October last year when Stockinger admitted that he and Wurtzbach are seeing each other, but the race car driver maintained that they “want to keep it down low.”

The two have long been close to each other, even before Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe crown.

Tweet Scoop: American Blogger Perez Hilton Tweets on the Performance of Xia Vigor As Taylor Swift

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ranting to Cover up a Truth

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Everything has an end, and people evolve into a more concerned being or regress into someone angry at the world. When what has been used is no longer accessible, the effects of such change manifest in behavior. For example, when financial resources are affected, expect people to behave differently than that of their earlier behavior.

The rant of a Talkative Celebrity (TC) towards Businesswoman (BW) has caught her friends by surprise. There was a time when TC would speak highly of BW because of the services the latter has been providing rich or high-end clients. At the height of accessories, BW took advantage of the demand by offering services that the likes of TC could avail. The cost was high, but the service indeed showed quality and worth. Hence, business was good.

Surprisingly, TC started telling friends that BW could not be trusted and the items she was selling were inauthentic. This remark caught people off-guard, as BW has been keen on making sure everything in that she sells is real. Nonetheless, the fact that TC was the one speaking meant much.

Unfortunately for TC, several already knew the reason why she has been ranting against BW. Allegedly, TC owes BW a hefty sum for the stuff she bought from BW. By putting things together, TC does not seem to want to pay BW, and thus the best recourse is to diminish the products. By making a claim, TC has managed to affect the business of BW, who has yet to react on such accusations. Besides, TC now says that she has intentionally did not fund her account so that BW would not be able to collect payment. This revelation made people smile, as it was a lame excuse for a bouncing check.

Unlike before when her business was good, TC is no longer as visible in various media forums now. Some attribute this hiatus to her age, or to the fact that she decided to stay away from all the intrigues that followed her and her family. This situation supports the theory that the reason behind the badmouthing is the inability of TC to cover the amount she needs. Her projects are limited, as well as that of the rest of her talents. Therefore, she might not have the money to pay BW.

“But I think that no matter how smart, people usually see what they're already looking for, that's all.” - Veronica Roth

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Tweet Scoop: Liza Dino Engages Katrina Stuart Santiago in Twitter Discussion over Circumstances of 'Oro'

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