Sunday, September 3, 2017

Must Not be Callous

To keep the entertainment industry alive, new talents have to be introduced to the audience every so often. New talents with their new antics provide something new for the picky audience to admire. Although many talents aspire to break into the industry, only those who have something new to offer that hits with the audience can make a career for themselves.

Sometime ago, gigs in comedy bars proved lucky for Entertaining Female (EF). The talent of EF was noticed, as she was witty and talented. Give her a microphone and she will not be shy with her words and singing voice. EF was bound to be among the most demanded entertainers.

However, EF was not alone, as she was discovered alongside Another Female Talent (AT). Together, EF and AT were fun to watch and the audience loved the two. Just as they were getting fame, their partnership suddenly ended. EF went on to establish a name for herself. While AT was able to create a name for herself as well, finding her and EF together in a project became impossible. Both moved away from each other and their gap increased in their career and even network appearances.

Even if EF has already cemented her reputation as an entertainer on screen, she would still go for gigs in bars, where she and AT started. When customers enter such bars, they know what to expect and they have to be brave and a good sport if they become the target of the entertainers on stage. During one of such gigs, EF was noticed to have gone too far and several persons in the audience felt her performance was not funny anymore. EF seems to be full of pride, as well, and some did not like her attitude of showing who was smarter than everyone else.

Not an isolated incident, the management of the establishment had to be called up by customers to report about the offending behavior of EF on stage. Addressing such issue, the management will conduct its investigation. However, rumors have it that moves are about to be implemented to make sure that EF will learn from the feedback. If she remains headstrong, then she might as well find other ways to earn, as the management of the bars will not be able to stand with someone whom customers do not want to see. Hence, if customers do not want to see EF perform, then they will not patronize the bars where she is scheduled. Consequently, the lesser number of customers, the lesser will be their income.

‘Always remember that you were once alone, and the crowd you see in your life today are just as unnecessary as when you were alone.’ ― Michael Bassey Johnson

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  1. G and K ba to? Kung sino man sakanila.

    1. K- mayabang nga ito nung nagkaroon ng daily show
      Si G naman naging mayabang din nung nagka daily show m. Kaso waley na siya ngayon dahil hindi na niya mabuhat ang ulo niya sa laki

  2. EF - K
    FT- G
    Just a guess.

  3. EF - K (kaf)
    FT - G (kah)

  4. K na mayabang. Isang basong tubig nagpakalunod. Di sya funny offending and rude on screen. Dont know why she is getting a lot of projects from kaf. Walang breeding

  5. Db mgksma cla dti?? I mean my grupo cla

  6. Either K or G pero feeling ko mas masama ugali ni G. Based lang naman sa mga past issues niya years ago na nakagalit mga exes nya. Lumabas May ugali

  7. REALTALK: Hindi siya nakakatawa. Ubod ng corny.

  8. My guess, from umay serye.

  9. Pakopya naman sa mga first honors jan!!!!



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