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Monday, May 22, 2017

The Missing Passion

Often, even the most successful figures can have personal issues that ordinary folks would find hard to believe to be happening. Fame, fortune, and friends in right places are all but external forces that do not truthfully protect one’s fight with his/her internal struggles. While others would dismiss internal struggles as trivial, for others, facing such issues that could sometimes worsen into paranoia has to be addressed.

When Important Talent (IT) has to deal with issues, the decision was between one's personal circumstance and that of pleasing people, which was part of the job description. While the profession seems to be gaining ground and should make IT secure, stories that revolve around family matters have become bothersome. One of these stories has led to IT thinking of Busy Lover (BL).

Allegedly, nights with BL have been cold, which caused doubts on the part of IT. IT tried to spice things up, but still, nothing happened. The passion was not there anymore, or so it seems. Thus, doubts set in and stories of affairs once again resurfaced in the thinking of IT.

Instead of helping IT thresh out assumptions, a friend fed a rumor linking BL to a staff in a nearby office. Thinking of the probability that BL was unfaithful and the lack of physical intimacy were the last of the straws that were about to break IT's back.

Before things could worsen, IT chose to deal with the situation in the most diplomatic manner. IT set priorities that need to be fulfilled in the days to come. As to the relationship IT shares with BL, much has to be deciphered as allegations of a third party have yet to be proven.

‘Life is full of confusion. Confusion of love, passion, and romance. Confusion of family and friends. Confusion with life itself. What path we take, what turns we make. How we roll our dice.’ - Matthew Underwood

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  1. S!
    Naku tanders nyo na. Di na kayo teenager kaya huwag na pa tweetums.

  2. based sa title, this is M and J

  3. si S agad? siya lang ba ang sikat?

  4. Oh no. This is S. kamukha nya rin yung nasa picture.

  5. Replies
    1. Oo nga parang c K and A nga di na cla masyadong spotted together na. Nagsawa n c A.

    2. Clue kay K and A.

  6. J and M
    Idaan mo na lang sa shopping J.

  7. IT- J
    BL - M
    Not all the money in the world can buy peace of miknd & happiness.

  8. K and A sure na mga baks

  9. Feeling ko si J and M to kasi sabi sa BI na " Thus, doubts set in and stories of affairs once again resurfaced in the thinking of IT."

  10. Ang hirap naman, classmates. More clues please!

  11. Si M naman kasi...not even his professed faith made him loyal. Martyr talaga si J....

  12. Dump him di pa kau kasal ginagawa na. K at A.


    1. Minsan wala sa title Ang clue basahin mo yung clue sa content. IT si K at BL c A.



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