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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Just Don’t Meddle

When Legal Guardian (LG) and Her Ward (HW) signed up with a network, they were briefed with the do’s and don’ts of the contract as well as practices adhered to by the station. As these are obviously ethical guidelines, the network expected LG to make sure HW will keep the image that is being groomed for someone in her caliber.

Typical of handlers who are family members and who assume several roles in the career of a talent, LG started making people feel who she was in the life of HW. That attitude made her popular and notorious among the production people. Most often, every action required of HW has to be told to LG. Had LG been more pleasant, the staff would not mind seeing her often. However, LG was not the kind of person whom people would respect. She was deemed negative in all aspects, and people would rather stay away from her, and consequently, this attitude affected the career of HW.

Slowly, programs were no longer coming to the way of HW, but she remained with the network, who was probably teaching her camp, the value of patience. LG could not wait and thus worked around the protocol by starting to book out of town shows for HW. These shows were allegedly for certain beneficiaries, and gave the impression that LG and HW truly cared.

While the shows were forgivable, the network was alarmed upon learning that LG gave permission for HW to endorse products left and right. These products were not of popular brands, but for small ones that would hardly dent the market. Once these brands are associated with HW, her image might be affected, which could become problematic for the network. Adding to the woes of the network is that no road manager, handler, or network staff was willing to work with LG and HW. The main reason is that LG is hard to work with. Thus, management called for a meeting to check on the behavior of LG and HW. As LG was feeling confident that a new project for HW will be in the offing, she was shocked when someone revealed her little schemes, such as bookings and endorsements that were done without informing the network. Thus, LG realized to keep HW in the network, she has to play by the rules, or else.

‘This modern mania for interfering in other's lives, usually under the guise of health and safety concerns, is highly irritating and counterproductive. Down with the nanny state.’ – Felix Dennis

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  1. Is this J and J again?

    1. Sila na naman na naman na naman!!! Suki!!

  2. Majirap mga beshie. Is this J?

  3. Dumadami na talagang pakialamerang guardians ng sikat/pasikat pa lang na artista ngayon. Imbes na makatulong sa karera ng mga alaga nila eh dagdag sakit pa ng ulo sa management. Si J and J ba tong sa BI ni FP? Parang tandem din ni B at M, bookings nang walang paalam sa network handler. Dapat nasa kontrata din ng network yung limitations ng mga guardians na to sa work related ganaps. Nakakaloka eh!

  4. J who ba itech? Clues pls

  5. Replies
    1. Wala siyang endorsements, maliit man o malaki

    2. Mali ka. Linis na ng classroom.

    3. korek ka dyan!!

  6. J at M nasa title. J the Jinx.

  7. wag na mag artista, wala naman naii ambag sa industriya.



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