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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Two-Faced Company

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When netizens realize that celebrities are deleting comments in their social media accounts, the assumption is that bashing is occurring or the deleted responses might be stating incriminating messages that might put the said celebrity in hot water. However, accounts are owned by these celebrities and they have all the right to filter comments, especially if the statement could tarnish their image.

Sometime ago, Celebrity Couple made a painful decision. After actively keeping their followers of the development of their relationship, CC decided to part ways. Just as when they were deemed as relationship goals, such event disappointed their fans. While no official reason was revealed to the public, the two picked up where they left and moved on.

As hurtful comments were hurled at the Male Partner (MP), he did not respond fiercely to his bashers. Unfortunately, he also gave the same cold treatment to his former Female Lover (FL). The indifference shown by MP indicated that the relationship was indeed over.

The camp of FL, meanwhile, has remained silent as well over the breakup issue. However, this situation does not mean that FL would just sit and remain still, and let time waste away her youth and beauty. Netizens have realized that FL has been deleting comments in her social media accounts that revealed her romantic interest toward Non-Showbiz Personality (NS). FL has good reason, though. Certain comments could place her in hot water if she will not filter her sites. The paranoia comes from her desire to protect her goody image and that of NS.

Love is indeed tempting and FL fell into the trap of falling for a committed man. Still, such situation did not stop FL from pursuing him. Perhaps, the commitment of NS did not matter to FL, as she was allegedly already showing interest in NS even when she and MP were still together. Thus, when FL got what she wanted, another woman was hurting in the process. The lack of loyalty could have added to the indifference MP showed FL. During the aftermath of their breakup, FL was still publicly posting messages to MP, who did not bother to respond in the same thread. Even if their families stepped into the picture to demand privacy, MP moved on as though he was a different person from the one who was so much in love with FL.

‘It is better to lock up your heart with a merciless padlock, than to fall in love with someone who doesn't know what they mean to you.’ ― Michael Bassey Johnson

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  1. MP-G
    NS- Da who???

  2. MP: E (na ka-h before ka-f now)
    FL: J (ka-h)

    1. bes simulan mo ng magfloorwax
      MP - G
      FL - T

  3. She deserves better than that thck neck.

  4. So si FL chose to continue to be with NS na committed na sa iba?..relationship wrecker pala siya. Kung ayaw na ni ML sa kanya, leave him alone then.

  5. T is the FL, is a relationship wrecker! no wonder G left her because he found out what kind of a woman she really is. binabaliktad ang kwento just like what she's doing now with her new boyfriend who is non showbiz. wrecker yan! not even famous!

  6. yan T wala naman career napaka prima donna! sinisira ang relasyon ng iba. kaya iniwan yan ni G, sa totoo lang dahil malandi talaga! gold digger pa yan! ang masaklap ginagamit pagka kristyano. nasira lang si G sakanya

    1. Gold digger? The T I'm guessing this is? Rich. G owes her family money. G is a creep so let us not whiten his image.



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