Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Deep Soul Searching

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When Controversial Talent (CT) decided to be vocal with his support for a candidate, not many were surprised at his strong words in defending his political choice. As the situation called for ‘to each his own,’ CT risked his reputation and even his career to defy the then popular sentiment. Times did change and soon, CT found himself with the winning team.

Even when the winners were proclaimed, CT continued being bashed for his choice. Sternly, CT deflected the bashing that ranged from his being chosen to his lifestyle and to his political beliefs. No amount of pressure could dampen the spirit of CT in his quest to show their support to the present government.

As soon as everything settled, CT was rewarded commensurate to his effort and credentials. Naturally, he was again bashed for lack of delicadeza, but the desire to serve the people through his post was too strong to be distracted. Expectedly, people cheered and jeered him. On the one hand, CT was cheered for bringing in new and young perspectives into his office. On the other hand, CT was jeered because he allegedly lacked the education that could strengthen his credentials.

Jubilation could not last forever, as CT realized that working for the government was not without serious consequences. Having been in the entertainment industry for most of his life, CT has made a living from his involvement in various shows and movies. Thus, CT thought that it would be a walk in the park to work in the government and continue with his career. However, reality was about to set in.

As a government official, one has certain limitations. For example, an official cannot simply fly out of the country without obtaining the necessary permission. Then, government work should take precedence over any other work, even one’s non-government career. Unless one was ready to take a substantial financial setback, working in the government will not be as financially rewarding. CT is apparently learning these lessons these days.

When CT had a gig abroad, his attention was allegedly called out by no less than the main office itself. This incident allegedly made CT think of the possible effects of his government post on his financial status. As he might not have the freedom to perform as freely as he used to, then, his financial resources might be drastically affected. Besides, his position has also limited his involvement in various projects, such as appearing in movies and staging concerts. Hence, rumors are floating that CT is seriously considering choosing the path that would be most lucrative for his future. The desire to serve the people is strong, but CT is not getting younger and would need to secure his future.

“Do nothing, and nothing happens. Life is about decisions. You either make them or they're made for you, but you can't avoid them.” - Mhairi McFarlane

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  1. A of P...
    wala naman talagang future sa P... my sister is there and contemplating to leave soon

    1. why join politics if the main reason is money. Hindi ba dapat public service?

  2. I think this is A of P not D. D doesn't have to worry about his financial resources, they're doing really well.

    1. hahaha patawa ka! kumusta nmn ang expenses?

  3. I was thinking of O.

  4. si A. paturo ka ng time management. kay V.

  5. magreresign siguro c A



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