Sunday, October 16, 2016

Repost: Alleged Intruders Stabbed and Shot at Miranda Kerr's House

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A man has reportedly been shot and another stabbed at the Malibu home of model Miranda Kerr.

US sources claim the incident took place outside her mansion but that she was not home at the time of the attack.

Reports state an intruder stabbed a security guard in the eye and the guard is said to have then fired several shots at the intruder.

The two men were taken to hospital and website TMZ says both are expected to make a full recovery.

Neighbours and workmen who saw the incident climbed the large security fence at the property to help the injured security guard.

One man, who claims to have seen what happened says the intruder was still trying to attack the security guard, despite suffering bullet wounds.

"The man, after he was shot, still held the knife and was going after the security man so my guy kicked the knife out of the perpetrator's hands," a neighbour going by the name of 'Jerry', told Los Angeles TV station CBS2.

"It's kind of a crazy thing to happen out here in Malibu," another neighbour, Craig Moore, told TV station KTLA.

"I guess it happens everywhere but we just don't ever have it happen in our neighbourhood."

LA police officers were called to the property shortly after midday on Friday, said Sergeant James Braden in a statement to US reporters.

"When the deputies arrived at the residence they found an armed security guard was involved in a physical altercation with an intruder," said Braden.

"During the physical altercation, the intruder stabbed the armed security guard and the armed security guard shot the intruder."

"There were no occupants in the house at the time of this incident."

"The incident took place on the property, but not inside the house."

Miranda Kerr has yet to comment.


  1. Grabi n talaga mga tao ngayon wala na takot sa batas. Thanks god may president tayo na si duterte. Minsan ayoko kay duterte pero minsan okay na ako

    1. Pki gamit po brain kpag ngbbsa bka mangalawang po yan....kelan pa nging parte ng pinas ang malibu....gusto mo lang ytang mabash lalo c duterte eh utak pls.....

    2. Oo nga! Agree!

    3. Hello alam ko wala yan sa atin kasi taga holiwood yan sila ang akin lng naman ay maswerti tau na may duterte sa atin kahit minsan ay dinko gus2 gawain ni duterte piro sa pagpatay gus2 ko cya

    4. Check in ka nga sa rehab. Malala na yung condition mo mam!

    5. You must be new here 11:44, troll yang si brendah lol

    6. dami kong tawa sayo 11:14

    7. Hoy brendah, nakuha mo pang magcomment, sana natuto ka munang magbasa!
      Namumuro ka na!

  2. The day's are eviiiilllll... Wala nang takot mga tao. Ang dami nang sinasapian. Always pray to God for safety of you and your family.

  3. Ang una kong basa si miranda ang nasaksak. Naduling ako haha pero grabe din sa UD ang crimea eh ano. Di lanv sa 3rd world country

  4. Kawawa naman ung security guard baka mabulag isang mata. Kawawa naman baka may pamilya un. Be praying for that man



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