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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Insta Scoop: Jaya on the First Anniversary of Elizabeth Ramsey

Images courtesy of Instagram: jayasoul


  1. Ung susan kasi dapat di na pinanews about sa knila ayan tuloy.

  2. Nabuhay ang career ni Jaya mula ng naging hurado sa TNT.

  3. A heartfelt message for her mom. With all the issues brought about by her estranged half sister, she easily could have made "parinig" in her post. But she didnt. That shows that she is the more mature one. She chose to honor the memory of her mother instead of stooping down to the level of her scene-stealing half sister.

  4. i kinda believe susan about jaya... its all for a show... ayan na me pa heartfelt message pa kuno sya sa nanay nya ngayon... yung nanay na di nya sinipot ang wake at gusto ipasunog at ipatapon ang beloved sto. nino collections ng nanay nya...



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