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Could Have Been the Perfect Support

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When senior stars are asked for their advice for young actors, they usually have two. The first advice is for young actors to remain humble and be kind to everyone regardless of status. Seniors often stress that the persons one meets going up are the same person one meets going down. The second advice emphasizes the love for the craft, such that actors should realize there are no small roles for them. Hence, regardless of whether the role is that of a lead or that of a support, the actor should always perform excellently because he/she was chosen to portray such character.

Actors who last in the business have gained a reputation and networks know the importance of having veterans in their projects. While the presence of senior actors may be seen as some sort of token, such appearance adds novelty as well as balances the project. Even if these actors have gone beyond their prime, they are still respected and there would still be fans eager to see the seasoned actors match wits with the younger ones.

When Popular Actor (PA) learned that Acclaimed Thespian (AT) was being considered to appear in his project, naturally, the former was excited. Although his career is still new compared with AT, PA knows that acting together with AT would test his depth as an actor. During the younger days of AT, every award winning body would give him accolades and rightful recognition. When AT appears in movies, the chance of getting an acting award is quite high. Similarly, PA has been the receiver of various action recognitions and he already has his path laid in front of him.

Getting on board means that AT would be reintroduced to the generation of fans that have been following the project of PA. Thus, the opportunity would be a good one considering that AT has not been that visible on air lately. While being active in other fields, the presence of AT acting on screen has been sorely missed.

However, AT turned down the idea despite the meaty role offered him. Allegedly, AT was not keen on playing the villain. In all his projects, he had played the role of the good guy, and shifting his image at this point did not suit his fancy. Even if PA had guested almost every actor in the industry, AT was not interested in the role. AT is among the few who should appear with PA because all his contemporaries have played a cameo in the project. Out of consolation, AT said that he might be interested as long as he will not play the role of the bad guy.

‘If you were born with the ability to change someone’s perspective or emotions, never waste that gift. It is one of the most powerful gifts God can give—the ability to influence.’ ― Shannon L. Alder

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  1. P and C for the A Project

  2. Si P. Meron siyang standard sa sarili and that is good in keeping his place in the industry.

  3. PA - C
    AT - A ?
    Tanggapin na lang ni AT sa sarili niya na he needs to be versatile and accept father roles kasi di na rin siya ganun ka hot as before. Di niya kasi na maintain ang youthful looks niya and tumaba din siya. Though he's still gwapo

  4. PA = C of Kaf?

    I have no idea kay AT?

  5. PA is C; AT is P yung ex ni kwan. May projects pa ba si P?

  6. PA- C AT-? Ang dami kasi beteranong aktor na di pa nasalang sa serye ni C, sino ba sa kanila?

  7. Ay cleaner ako. Sino si AT? But ang project, feel ko ay A. Si PA, si yummy bah?

  8. P who turned down a role in A.

  9. Si P getching ko. Sino si AT?

  10. Semi-retirement mode na yata si AT (kung sa P nga siya). Sunud-sunod ang tv and movie projects na ina-ayawan niya lately.

  11. PA-C, AT-P, at A.

  12. Nagets ko rin si AT-P



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