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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cannot Defy The Reality of Getting Old

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In the entertainment industry, two possible factors could enable one to have a career. The first is talent, and the second is connection. For several talents, the latter is the best route to establish a career. Stories of particular actors being wards of powerful personalities are common. People are no longer surprised when certain actors conquer juicy roles in projects, as the assumption is that such actors have hooked up with directors or producers.

For so many years, Versatile Talent (VT) has enjoyed a stable career by being included in all the projects of Creative Director (CD). Even if VT only were to play a supporting role, his presence was still noted in the projects of CD. This consistent appearance fueled rumors that something deep was happening between the two. However, CD remained mum on the matter.

While VT comes from a well-established family, his followers believe that he does have a fallback in case his showbiz career would not work out. VT could always go home and pursue the family legacy. However, even if such option was available, VT opted to make a mark in the entertainment industry.

When CD left, VT’s life was never the same. Unlike before when he was assured of projects, this time, VT had no sense of security. Although he tried his luck in other stations, he would still return to his home network and try to be loyal.

As he would never be able to rekindle the relationship he had with CD, VT still hopes that any of the hotshot directors of his network would have the heart to take him. Often, VT has been observed to hang out where the powerful gay executives of his network spend time. With fingers crossed, VT wished he would be noticed, but no one has given him much attention unfortunately. Unlike before when his presence in CD’s projects would not be questioned, now, VT has to take the longer route and work hard to earn a slot. Even if he has talent and loyalty, the executives are not attracted, as there are fresher, younger, and more able-bodied actors in their vicinity.

‘You have to think of your career the way you look at the ocean, deciding which wave you're gonna take and which waves you're not gonna take. Some of the waves are going to be big, some are gonna be small, sometimes the sea is going to be calm. Your career is not going to be one steady march upward to glory.’ – Alan Arkin

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  1. W but who is the talent

  2. lam ko na W and D.

  3. VT = D, CD = W first honor

  4. CD: W?
    VT:D? hula lang

  5. kaF sya... may J ang name nya?

  6. sana mabigyan sya ng projects... mahirap na baka mapariwara. supporting roles lang naman basta may livelihood. open naman sila abt their relationship

  7. CD: W VT: D
    i never really find him good as an actor or funny as a comedian. perhaps it's time for him to focus on something else that he is really good at.

  8. mga baks pare pareho tayo ng hula, sana matulungan din sya ng ibang artists lalo na sa mga naging close kay CD, pero sana maturuan sya ng kung papano mag handle ng pera, kasi hindi forever ang showbusiness lalo na yung role nya ang supporting actor lang palagi.

  9. D and W alam na dis! juice colored yamanin naman pala si D eh bakit sa bading kumakapit?

  10. W and D pero wala n sila di ba before he left.

  11. D and W nga. Open naman sila sa relationship nila before.

    1. hindi sila open baks umamin sila ning break na sila

  12. if tama ako sa hula ko, nakikita ko siya sa C, hehehe :)



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