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Monday, July 18, 2016

Cannot be Complacent

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The campaign against drug pushers and users of the present government has sent shivers not only to the ordinary abusers, but also to alleged participants in drug incidents in the entertainment industry. While only a few celebrities have admitted their addiction, rumors of the widespread use of prohibited drugs in the local showbiz industry are prevalent. However, the closeness of the industry prevents snitches.

These days, Careful Celebrity (CC) has opted to be extra cautious with her decisions these days. During the years she has been with the industry, CC has had several controversies, in which one or two were field days for the press. However, CC has not been rumored to be a drug dependent or something similar to such label. CC has always maintained a clean image despite being hounded by a few negative stories in her career.

Unfortunately, as years passed, the connections of CC widened and without wanting to, CC allegedly became familiar with transactions and dealings. Because CC was knowledgeable with the ways, her involvement deepened and soon, she was connected with a group of suppliers. Despite the danger, CC was confident that she would not be dragged into such mess because of the people she knew in and out of the entertainment industry. In short, CC could have thought that in case she gets to be investigated or even accused, her powerful connections will vouch that she is not capable of such accusations.

However, the grapevine was abuzz that her group could have been part of the suppliers being investigated in an unfortunate social event a few months ago. Hence, CC could be called for questioning any time. To save her face and kin from embarrassment, CC went out of the country.

When CC returned from her vacation, she came home to a presidency bent on wiping off the drug menace in a few months. Thus, the change in the administration also changed the perception of CC of staying in the country. Instead of becoming complacent, even if the powerful people she knows are still in their positions, CC decided to stay low. After all, her name is allegedly included in a list of people to watch out for. Before she gets singled out, CC once again bid the country goodbye.

Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them. W. Clement Stone

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  1. eager to know who....

  2. Hindi ako sure, but I think this is A from KaF?

  3. easy peasy si P.

  4. Replies
    1. maka K naman kala mo alam na alam mo... Balik ka sa row 4.

  5. Si N ito, the one and only.

  6. Clues pls.. No idea talaga! Tagawalis ako ngayon! Jirafffe! Butog butog na pawes aketch mga vaks!

  7. Pwede ba mga bakla wag basta basta mag drop ng initial kung hnd sure. Sensitive issue yan. Tssskkk

  8. Iba-iba mga sagot ng mga classmates ngayon ah di bale careful na lang ako sa pangongopya at antayin ko muna comments ng mga iba meantime umpisahan ko na muna ang magwalis baka matuwa ang titser.

  9. Wag kaung basta mag drop ng initials kung hnd kau cgurado. Sensitive na issue yan.

    1. Pero abang na abang ka sa clue na ibibigay ng iba. Lol

  10. From a very reliable source this is B.

  11. is this M? (clue: To save her face and kin from embarrassment)

  12. jiraffffffffffffff! Ano ba tong exam na to? Parusa!!!! Nakakajusit!



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