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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Insta Scoop: Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach Knew Pia Wurtzbach Has Potential to Become Miss Universe

Images courtesy of Instagram: itsmecharleneg


  1. Charlene is one of the most maganda talaga in our lists of Beauty Queens! Sinira lang ng dos ang wholesome image nya kasi.

  2. The I knew her ever since post!

  3. I had a gut feel din pero yun na yung 3rd na sali ni Pia. See everything happens for a reason malay mo di pala siya ready noon kaya natalo siya sa Bb Pilipinas

  4. 2:43AM baks I think it's ok for Charlene to post such. Alan mo kung bakit? Kasi per Pia, si Charlene ang naging inspiration niya on why she wanted to become a beauty queen. So kebs ka na jan

  5. When Pia won, everybody was like " I knew it she will be our Third Miss Universe!" Hahaha.

    Before the Preliminaries, of course there was doubt. I have yet to see her preliminary performance. And after seeing the Preliminaries, OMG!!! She surely can make it to the Top 15. But never came across my mind that she would definitely win the contest. Thank you Pia for the gift of pride. The long wait is over. I thought I will never be given the chance to witness the crowning of Miss Philippines in this generation.

  6. *touched by your message

  7. Kung ang galing ni cha tumingin ng ms universe potential, bakit sya sumali at natalo. Didnt she see any potential on her during those times?

    1. Hey 9:47...please walang nega insults please. Katatpos lang ng Pasko.



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