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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Who’s Up for a Perky Perk-Me-Up?

Moon of Desire star Ellen Adarna is undoubtedly one of the hottest rising stars today. With magazine covers left and right and a string of endorsement deals with some of the country’s biggest brands, FHM Philippines’ 8th sexiest woman of the world this year, was catapulted to internet fame after her photos, especially those that document her journey to a bikini-perfect body, went viral online.

Hers was one of the most shared photos of the past years, with some girls even using her images as their social media profile pictures in an attempt to pass off as the Cebuana beauty.  

But what really gave Ellen the boost her career needed to go mainstream was a controversial exercise video where she is seen doing punching routines clad in nothing but a haphazardly cut muscle shirt. Recently, another video featuring the sexy actress was released. This time, by a coffee company whose products  have specific beautifying effects—skin lightening, slimming and cleansing. In the said video, Adarna is seen scrubbing coffee grounds on sensitive parts of her body and playing with the coffee ingredients in a sensual fashion. WeSexify, which uploaded the video on Youtube, is the same group behind Adarna’s controversial exercise video.  

Nice Day Coffee, the brand behind the video, much like Adarna, is a hot item among health and beauty aficionados today. It is manufactured by the same company that makes GlutaMAX, Healthwell Nutraceuticals Inc.

Too hot for TV or not, I found out that Nice Day Coffee actually does more than just provide caffeine fix to those who need it. Its three variants, namely, Nice Day Coffee White, Nice Day Coffee Slim, and Nice Day Coffee Cleanse contain several ingredients that help improve people’s appearance and boost their health.  

Nice Day Coffee White, for one, has Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant known for its consequential ability to lighten the skin and improve bodily functions. It also contains collagen, which firms up the skin and helps decrease joint pains.  

As its name suggests, Nice Day Coffee Slim was formulated to help people better manage their weight. It has CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Fat Burner, which targets fat deposits in the abdomen and thighs, and L-Carnitine, a type of amino acid that helps boost food-energy conversion. Its fiber content can also help promote good digestion and reduce the chances of diabetes as well as certain heart diseases.  

Finally, there’s Nice Day Coffee Cleanse. With a unique blend of some of nature’s most powerful ingredients—including Ganoderma, Grape Seed, Cranberry, Goji Berry, Spirulina and Sylimarin—this deliciously nutritious 10-in-1 mix helps combat prevent cancer, boost cardiovascular health, repair and improve bodily functions and rid the body of its toxins.

Super coffee, anyone?

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