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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Return

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Don't look now, but at the rate things go, everything points to TV Personality TP joining (yet again) another tv show. This time, the show is said to be the network’s newly Reformatted Program RP.

RP, already staffed and manned by the network’s Seasoned Talents ST is not lacking for anymore additional talent to make it run and attract viewers and advertisers. As it is, RP is sailing smoothly under ST’s capable hands. Sources said that TP joining in might bring some bumps and rock the boat needlessly.

Quite puzzling too is TP seems to love working with a Close Buddy. Is CB even aware of the public sentiment of their being together? Does CB’s presence all the time give TP a certain stability, much like a security blanket? Does CB feel the same way?

In a way, it might be true when observers say that only TP can define her own relationships. The manner by which TP calls the shots seems to reinforce that more than TP needing CB, it is CB whose star will likely shine only if TP so desires.

In the meantime, let us see what awaits the rest of ST’s when ‘outsider’ TP finally steps in their enclave. Will they remain or not?

"What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do." ~ Aristotle

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  1. TP- S?
    CB- R?
    walang masyadong clue hirap hulaan.

  2. Replies
    1. TP is A
      CB is T na may jowa na D
      RP is P

    2. more clues kay CB.. :(((

  3. may showbiz sis din ba siya?

  4. The Return of the K.

  5. Time? Giraffe huh. Sinech ba? Basing from my understanding sa BI, this is most probably a hosting job. Ano ba show ang nireformat? Is this from kaF or kaH?

  6. Dahu, pahirap ng pahirap mga bi ni FP since holiweek ah. Lol

  7. TP - A
    CB - T
    RP - P

  8. feeling ko .. dating alaga ni koya ito..

  9. Feeling ko, the newly reformatted show is the "B" na ang chaka na ngayon at pinapanood lang kapag may controversial na personality na ini-interview. TP is K, ST are the current hosts na sinabihan noon ng isang mahadera at "time" conscious na host na hindi raw classy...

  10. si S the prodigal daughter?big change yung show. hula lang.



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